Mystic Realms Faire Event-October 10th through October 26th

The Mystic Realms Faire is a new yearly event designed for creators to explore their own fantastic side and for shoppers to explore the creations from more than 140 awesome participants. The event runs until October 26th.  Below you will find information, through the official webpage link to the  amazing stores participating at this event!!




Forget 50 Shades of Grey….


Forget 50 shades of Grey, when you can have shades of Wicca’s Wardrobe’s Miranda Gown that will be featured at BOSL Fashion Week, Tuesday, October 14th. This gorgeous dark chocolate colored gown has a sumptuous ruffled V-neck, exposing the silky column of her neck. The sleeveless gown’s bodice, waist, and hips are adorned with rows of dark Chocolate Ruffles. The floor length gown, gracefully, puddles, delicately, at your feet.  The gown’s color varies from dark chocolate to the darkest of black. It is simply stunning!


This striking gown will give just as beautiful a view, upon exiting, when your back is turned exposing a lovely expansion of skin…very nice back cleavage indeed!  The gown has a jaunty bowler style hat, that has been accented with a swatch of lace and a dark brown velvet banding. The gloves included with this sensational gown, has a Slink Av Enhanced Hud, for Slink Hands, for use with the Slink Utilities Hud for very easy wearing of the gloves.


To see the Miranda Gown by Wicca’s Wardrobe and her other amazing creations, be sure to be present at BOSL’s Fashion Show, Tuesday, October 14th, at 10:00 am slt.  See you there!

Photographer and model…me
Photographer Vendor Ad…Wicca’s Wardrobe
Miranda Gown by Wicca’s Wardrobe


Wicca's Wardrobe - Miranda Vendor






Ghee at The Vintage & Cool Fair


Ghee  takes us, uproariously, back to the glorious past, to the 1960s Mod Style Era. Innovative, bold, creative, colorful, and in your face fashions were the trend of the day. If you did not know, Mod is short for modern, meaning simple and uncluttered.





The Ghee 60s Mod Collection is one of the best and awesome example of that fashion style of the modernism culture of the late 60s. The collection is classic and looks likes it just stepped from streets of London,  from that time!  There is so much to be told about the Ghee Collection. The vibrant, rich colors, patterns, and the silhouettes, of that time, can be found in this kick butt, blast from the past, collection! It is hip, it is happening, and it’s on trend!

The collection has gogo boots, flats, coats, purses, goggles, belts, caps, dresses, tights, thermal wear, etc., everything you will need to be part of this girl-power vibe inspired from the swinging 60s!  These pictures only represents a small portion of what is available in this epoch collection!

twiggy flats vendor

edie handbag vendor

gogo boot display


Whether seen on real life catwalks or worn by chic Hollywood  celebs, the 1960s Mod trend is varied, and anyone can wear it and embrace it by putting their own unique spin on it! Ghee has made that so easy for us ladies, here in Second Life, by giving us everything we need to be fashionable and hip with this fun, intoxicating vintage trend inworld!

Be Different, be bold, make trends; don’t follow them by wearing Ghee!

You can find these and much more, from the Ghee 60s Mod Collection at the Vintage & Cool Fair, that starts Friday, October 10th. Take the Vespa below!

Photographs from the Ghee Collection
Ghee 60s Mod Collection by Warm Clarity and Beatrice Serendipity


This fresh, vibrant, hip, new 60’s Mod Collection will be available, this Friday, October 10th, at the Vintage and Cool Fair…more information to follow!

your vespa to Ghee!

The Assistant


Whenever there is a new release of a design, a group gift, or especially a % off sale, the GizzA Assistant is trampled to death by hordes of running customers!

This fantastic pose, Slain, was made by Image Essentials and is available at the Wild West Fair until September 5th.

Model and photographer….me
Slain Pose by Image Essentials
No Escape Outfit by GizzA
Black Epaulettes by GizzA

Your Mustang to the Wild West Fair

IE - Slain


Phoenix Sabra Style  Kylie Sabra adj3

She closed her eyes and remembers life, long ago.  I will rise from the ashes.  A great queen I was and shall be again. A cry shall arise  from the land, calling me from the antiquity of time. I will hear and answer to the calling of my name, I  shall rise, in Phoenix.  In the glory, the beauty, and the power of the gown, I wear,  I shall rise, like the bird from the colorful burning embers of the ever changing fires of time, I shall rise in Phoenix, as the true queen I am.

Be as a queen ascending in Phoenix by Kylie Sabra.

photographer and model…me

Phoenix Gown by Sabra Style


Sabra Style at the Renaissance Galleria


***Exclusive*** Casa Limited Edition Pavilion by Kaerri


Have you been to the tony upscale Casa, where those in the know shop? Kaerri has introduced and have on display, at Casa, Casa Limited Edition Pavilion & Furniture. This very chic set incudes everything to make your outdoor entertaining a fabulous and pleasurable experience!


Do you see yourself and your guests seated upon the gloriously colored, yellow and white floral striped, mixed print cushion pavilion couch? As you catch up on gossip you lean across to sniff the beautiful vase of Daisies, that you placed on the pavilion tables. Such a scent of summer, you just can’t get enough!  You look across and see your little ones trying to climb up to get to the amazingly realistic, brilliantly hue Fish lights with the Bubble Lights Set, as you had warned them about turning them on and off!


You smile that special hostess smile of pride, as you notice the budding romance that is playing out, right before your eyes, on the yellow and white striped alcove built in settee, next to the lit fireplace, hoping that they are enjoying the tray of wine, and scented candles, you place there for them.


You see a couple of older teenagers poking and laughing, at your Brass Caged Talking Parrot and hope that they do not knock over the Hibiscus Planter in their jostling of one another and wonder if you should go over there.


As you are walking over to take the yellow Hurricane Lantern from the Patio Table, so you can begin to serve lunch, you notice that someone has dropped a coke can in the single Shrub Planter on the side of your bird. You send your partner to get more yellow and white floral stripe stools for the table and decides you need another table as well.


As you walk around your pavilion, talking to your guests and seeing to their comfort, one inquires about your Triple Plant and Lily Planters, how healthy and great they look and wish to know your secret for their care, as hers always dies. You smile, as you bend over to retrieve a small one’s little gym shoe from the single Palm Planter as you divulge family secrets and get more gossip!



Everything you see, in this, leisurely chic, comfortable and inviting, Pavilion is included! There are so many furniture placement arrangements, you can come up with, that will be pleasing to your eye and suit your very discriminating taste.

Such a wonderful afternoon of entertaining can be yours when you purchased this very limited in number,  Casa Limited Edition Pavilion by Kaerri!

Casa is a new, upscale shopping destination aimed at the high end, fashion conscious home and garden shoppers.


Casa Limited Edition Pavilion by Kaerri

Your  Chauffeured Rolls Royce Phantom awaits you

casa logo 512



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