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Bliss Couture

Just a wonderful follow up to my very first post…..I have been invited by Bliss Couture to become a Bliss Couture Model!!!

Bliss Couture Formal Segment Look-Full Length

I know…HOW EXCITNG IS THAT!!!!  I am floating upon the proverbial cloud 9.

Thank you Amutey and Pleasure for honoring me with this very awesome and amazing opportunity to join the Bliss Couture Family!!!

Miss Bliss Couture 2012 Finale

This is my very first post to my new blog! This past weekend I had the honor of being in the Miss Bliss Couture  2012 Contest. I am very proud to say that I placed within the top ten!!! There are no words, that I can use, to describe the feeling of standing on that stage and hearing my name called!  I have been modeling for 9 weeks now and have so much to learn, but for me, this was a real accomplishment!

Thank you Amutey and the Bliss Management for the priviledge and honor of being in such a prestigious contest!

These pictures were taken by the amazing William Weaver

Style Information

Photographer:  William Weaver

Model:  Desireme Fallen

Photo 1-Formal/Casual Segment of Contest

Bliss Couture Jennifer Bolero-Black

Bliss Couture Leah Pant Black with Leah Gold Belt

Bliss Couture Elissana Bodice-Gold

Bliss Couture Natalia Dress ruffle-not shown

Bliss Couture Hair “Queen”

Phote 2-Formal Segment of Contest

Bliss Couture Gratois Dress Modified

Bliss Couture Hair modified and combined

Chop Zuey Impossible Dream Choker