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Wanna Ride?

Wanna Ride….Smiling, need I say more!

Photographer: Desireme Fallen
Model: Desireme Fallen
Blueberry Linda Mesh Denim Shorts Black
Stripe Body Suit and Half Tank Shirt-not available Group Gift Chantkara
Drakke Chopper Mens Boots
Cone Earring by Mandala


OMG…I graduated!!!! Sunday, August 25th, I was as thrilled as a ice cube would be in Alaska!!!! Our last style assignment was to take a classic and punk it up Vivienne Westwood Style. I chose a jumpsuit and added this and that…lol When I walked the catwalk I was hopeful and dreading, all at the same time, because they would announce after the graduation who passed…jumping up and down…I DID!!!

To add the cherry to the cream….Mr. Frolic Mills, himself, chose me to become a BLVD Model!!!! Both MVW Modeling Academy and BLVD Agency are among the largest and most respected in the modeling world of Second Life…thank you so much for this amazingly phenomenal opportunity Frolic!!!!

The pictures were taken by my friend, GraciAnne Hart. Thank you Graci, for capturing a moment in time from my graduation for me!!!

Rolling In The Deep

While I was walking in waves, that song kept playing in my head! There is nothing like walking in the sand with water swirling around your tired bare tootsies! I have on the new Blueberry Keeki Mesh Jeans. The fit is oh so nice and hugs your dangerous curves! I am wearing them in Ice. They are availabe in Green, Blue, Ice, and Cloud. Not even water can cool off these smoking hot jeans!

Photographer: Desireme Fallen
Model: Desireme Fallen
Blueberry Keeki Mesh Jeans-Ice
Bliss Couture Devine Bodice

Lost in Nature

Never hike when you are out of shape….laughing, walking catwalks does not count as exercise!!! While I catch my breath, up against the tree, and wonder where the heck I am, I look adorable in my Blueberry Jess Mesh Top in blue. I just love the color combination of this White bodice top, Fucshia banded, Blue, Green, White, Fucshia Paisley Print inspired top which will look just as adorable on you, when you rush out to buy it!

Photographer: Desireme Fallen
Model: Desireme Fallen
Blueberry Jess Mesh Top in Blue
Bliss Basic Nunu Low Rise Jeans Washed
Glow Studio Pratis Earrings in Silver

More Shopping

After taking a few minutes to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings before beginning my next round of shopping….my thoughts turn to wondering, “how much do I have left on this credit card???” Smiling…looking this good ain’t cheap! Hopes the credit card customer service rep I will have to talk to agrees!
Photographer: Desireme Fallen
Model: Desireme Fallen
Bliss Couture Kaxh Fluffy Bolero
Bliss Couture Bellamoda Top
Bliss Couture Nunu Flare Jeans
Paper Couture Scroll Earrings

Domesticated Goddess

Smiling, What….Don’t you dress this way, to work in your kitchen???

Photographer: Desireme Fallen
Model: Desireme Fallen
Bliss Couture Enchantra Red
N-Core Ultraplatforms Red
Chop Zuey Widow Walker, Earrings, Choker and Fan used as hair accessories



Smiling, need I say more………….

Photographer: Desireme Fallen
Model: Desireme Fallen
Solidea Folies Shock Dress and Face Mask Black
League Wander Bracelet Black
N-Core Ultraplatforms Black

A Evening Stroll

There is nothing like a evening stroll…….well perhaps eating chocolate!

Photographer:  Desireme Fallen

Model:  Desireme Fallen

Bliss Couture Nayomi Dress Teal

Chop Zeuy Mother of Us All Turtle Necklace and Bracelet

Bliss Couture Xaphyre Hair and Hair Base Bordeaux



I love the retro feel of this dress! Laughing, I look like a 1960’s housewife who needs a martini….YEAH BABY!!!!

Photographer Desireme Fallen
Model: Desireme Fallen
Dress: Drift Mesh Retro Poof Dress-ShagMe
Hair: Lelutka Bonjour
Jewelry: Paper Couture Diamond and Pearl Menagerie Necklace and Earrings


Hmm…smiling, I wonder who ever said that you can’t look HAWT……in solitude

I love this new outfit from Bliss Couture. It is the Kaxh Bolero and Mesh Harem Purple Pants. Don’t I look fabulous as a study of solitude and oneness, laughing…..until a man came along and tried to pick me up!

Photographer: Desireme Fallen
Model: Desireme Fallen
Bliss Couture Kaxh Royal Blue Bolero
Mesh Harem Purple Pants
N-Core Ultraplatform Shoes