Enjoying the kiss of a sultry summer breeze upon my face, as I wait for my companion of the night for dinner, dancing, moon, and romance…I can’t help but to think of summer’s last hurrah! In the meantime, I want him to behold the beauty that will share his world tonight. A vision that caresses his eyes wearing the beautiful elegance and sophistication that is Ejderha. The colors of orange, greens, blues, browns, and playful splashes of purple that compliments, very well, the carefully protected pale complexion of this beauty, as well as any golden bronze beauty of summer. The artful draping of the dress and its silhouette, will enhance many body types. This amazing creation awaits you at ZanzE House of Couture.

Photographer and Model: Desireme Fallen

ZanzE House of Couture Ejderha Dress

Paper Couture Vintage Pearl and Gem Stone Drop Earrings

N-Core Sense2 Champagne Shoes (not shown)

H.m.a.e.m. For Ashraya Madhumita Head Piece combined with Bliss Couture Florentine Gold Hat


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