Glancing innocently at all the vintage Vuitton Trunks stacked up near the helicopter, and listening to the loud, more than subtle, complaints of its pilot, who I hired to take me to ZanzE House of Couture. My one thought is of the upcoming soon to be new design releases that have been carefully packed and made ready for delivery. Looking at the pilot and flirting with him with my twinkling hazel green eyes, and presenting a picture as delectable as a cold tall drink of lemonade on a hot summer day, in her soon to be released Pepper Dress in Robin. The pilot sayslady you need a planebut smiles and winks at me as he loads my trunks! Why not stop in soon at ZanzE and see what yummy new designs will be released soon!

Photographer and Model: Desireme Fallen
ZanzE House of Couture Pepper Dress-Robin
Paper Couture Pink Tourmaline Chandelier Earring
Paper Couture Diamonds and Pearl Ring
N-Core Ultraplatform Shoes


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