Hmm, as my man of the night hurries off to get me champagne…looking about me, which I dont think I will be stayng around to drink. EEEEKKKK….His unpayng, free loading tenant come out of hiding, at his place, with his beady little eyes, for a peek at me!!! I must admit how delicious I must look in my Fatal Mishi Tangerine Dress. The top bodice, of the dress, is done in a mouth watering green with a thin accent line of piping of green and white beneath. This well made sexy Linen dress hugs the body in all the right places, so much that even the four legged rats, as well as the two legged ones, will come out of hiding to look at you!

Photographer and Model: Desireme Fallen
Fatal Mishi Dress Tangerine
Paper Couture Harvest Bead Necklace
Bahia Staw Bag Smoke
N-Core Ultraplatform Green


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