l Walked the Runway as a BLVD Model for the first time!!!

Wednesday, September 20th was a day, that I will never forget!!! This is BOSL Fashion Week with so many amazing designers and 9 shows! Each day surpasses the previous one in creativity and in imagination. The first day, when the Bliss/Vogue Show opened with the Frolic Express Train…I knew that this was not going to be any ordinary show…..BRAVO FROLIC!!! I walked the runway as a BLVD Model for the very first time….like that was the most AWESOME feeling!!! Jumping up and down…I walked twice for NV Corsetry!!! Mr. Frolic Mills created the most exciting setting and the stage we walked upon…..PHENOMENAL!!! Kay Fairey Earnshaw put us through our paces and was the most awesome hostess…her words were like the best liquid chocolate…so smooth!!! She worked tiredlessly doing so many things! I have never seen ANYTHING like this ever before and thank you Frolic and Kay for lettng me be a part of this magical experience!!!!

NV Corsetry Mesh Purple Latex Corset
Gizza BonBon Blouse Black
Boudoir Bird Cage Top Hat
Alexandra Beltless Leather Pants Black
N-Core Black Ultraplatform

NV Corsetry Mesh Tartan Corset
modified parts of Gogolita Burlesque by Boudoir
Leaque Wanderer Necklace and bracelets
Bax Black Boots


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