The Puppet

Smiles, even though I am just a puppet for the amusement of others…..I still want to be chic and well dressed! Besides, laughing, you never know when I might meet a cute boy puppet!!! I am most definitely lookng cute on my strings dressed as I am in my Mashed Jacked Combo by Baboom. I just love the sexy lace pattern of my shirt and how well it looks and fits me. You can never go wrong with tight black pants…just look at the details of the small pocket, on the front, and that cute belt that completes the look of the pants. Also included, but not worn, is a deliciously red colored jacket wth optional Black Fox Fur Trim. You have so many ways that you can wear this outfit and with other clothing you already have. Why not yank on your puppet strings and have them lead you over to Baboom Couture!

Photographer/Model: Desireme Fallen
Mashed Jacked Combo Outfit by Baboom Couture
Glam Boots by Moody Stlettoes


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