Bride of Frankenstein

Have you ever wondered about the Bride of Frankenstein when shes not being chased around the lab by Frankie boy…..well, smiling, you can find her at ZanzE House of Couture! Even a undead pieced together woman wants to be stylishly attired! No doubt she will be attending THE party of the season for the undead. Shedding her shroud, the Bride made an excellent choice of the Skull and Roses Party Dress in Bluebaby by ZanzE House of Couture. The colors are just perfect for all skin tones…even the undead! The dress also includes a black belt, not shown. This very pretty party dress is available in four other colors. She just loves how the dress has the right amount of swing around her still attached limbs when she walks……now if only Dr. Frankenstein would just give her some decent feet!!! For your own next party, alive or dead, why not head over to ZanzE House of Couture.

Photographer/Model: Desireme Fallen
Skull and Roses Party Dress by Zanze House of Couture
Ling Ling Bracelets by Chop Zuey
Kochobana Earrings by Chop Zuey


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