The goddess invites those who live in the mist of uncertainty, strife, ignorance, and intolerance to come to the light.

The dress, Roman, the goddess wears was created exclusively for the Tolerance The Only Way Event by ZanzE House of Couture. The dress should be named goddess as it is fit for one! It is a one shoulder white chiffon with flecks of silver throughout the main part of the dress. At the top of the shoulder there is a beautifully detailed clasp that not only decorates the shoulder but secures a gentle wisp of a chiffon scarf that billows out from behnd the clasp. The dress has oodles of ruffles that staggers gracefully down to the hem of the dress. The dress also can be worn without the ruffles, and you know me about having options with clothing! This dress can only be purchased at the Tolerance the Only Way Event. I am not a official blogger for the event, but please show your support!

Photographer and Model: Desireme Fallen
Roman Dress, exclusively created for The Tolerance The Only Way Event by Zanze House of Couture
Jewelry, Nizam by Zaara



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