Learning to Fish

The man of the moment has invited me to go fishing and of course I don’t know how….so I brought a rod and watched one of those fishing shows. Well, fishing with a rod takes sooo long and is sorta icky…you have to touch a worm! ummm, smiling, I found a faster way to catch fish! I look so yummy standing on my deck in my Des Top in Red and my Carla Capri Pants in Dark Denim, by Fatal. The Des Top comes in a variety of lucious Sherbet Colors, which are all my favorites, and the colors look great on everyone. The Carla Capri Pants comes in the Dark and Washed look and has top stitching and 2 front pockets. They are winners together and with anything you chose to pair with them!

I guess I won’t be invited to be a guest on any fishng shows…laughing! You don’t need an invite to come to Fatal, you are always welcome!!!

Thank you Fatal for naming a top after me, hugs!!!!

Photographer and Model: Desireme Fallen
Des Top-Red by Fatal
Carla Capri Pants-Dark Denim by Fatal


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