The Doll

After a bust up of a long time very public relationship, with many homes, cars, clothes, and friends…a certain doll who loves pink returns the only thing that the unamed spinelesss doll who will not marry her will get!!! My thoughts now turn to a well known military doll…GI Joe with the Kung Fu Grip! Hopes Joe loves pink and finds me just pinkalicious in my Bliss Couture Pink Zizi Dress. This sassy dress has just the right amount of innocence that cloaks a sexy side. Your legs will look miles long in this gorgeous babydoll style dress, by Bliss Couture. Wishing and hoping that somebody will put him back in his box soon, wonders…hmm, now where do I send the box back to in Malibu since the Malibu Dream House is mine?

Why don’t you head over to Bliss Couture where you too can be pinkalicious!

Photographer and Model: Desireme Fallen
Zizi Dress by Bliss Couture
Jewelry by Chop Zuey
Box by Egoisme
Shoes by N-Core


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