hmmm…you thought it was something else…laughing, you’re so naughty!!! I went to the Emerald Crystal Golf Course as I was just sooo cute and wanted to show off in my Haley Dress in watermelon by Fatal and wearing very high heel stilettos. None of those ugly golf shoes for me! One, it is very hard to walk the course in heels and two, I hate to break a sweat or a nail! While there, I was playing behind a jerk, who yelled out bimbo on the course! I heard that you should yell fore when you see another player before swinging, so I did, swung and accidentally let go of the club…lol I yelled back…Thanks for alerting me that there was a bimbo on the course, you shouldn’t talk about yourself like that!!! Oops, sorry for hitting you on your empty blonde head..lool! This is such a awesome playful casual outfit for many situations. You can dress this up with a jacket/sweater and jewelry or wear it as casual as you wish. This outfit makes me feel happy just by wearing it! Haley is available in 3 other happy colors of Strawberry, Raspberry, and Blueberry.

Let it be known that the Fallen path does not advocate violence while playing golf…..unless playing with a jerk! Why not swipe the golf cart and drive yourself over to Fatal

Photographer and Model: Desireme Fallen
Haley Dress by Fatal
Lulu Shoes by Slink
Visor by Teeshirt Addict


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