Morticia Adams’ Day Dream

As she walks her family cemetery on her solitary nightly stroll…she sniffs the rose Gomez gave her…but more than him fills her day dreams….her longings. As her thoughts travels, a secret image appears in her mind’s eye… dare she utter the words aloud Morticia in color!!! A shockingly modern Morticia appears in Vero Modero Yellow Ajda Mesh dress with belt and flap pockets accents in Fuchsia. This fantastic retro styled mini ensemble includes matching yellow wedge platform boots that are ubber vintage yet ever so happening! You will be as hip and chic, as Morticia, when you wear this amazing design from Vero Modero. I look good enough to wake the dead she says to relatives long gone! Morticia has traded in her long black trade marked hair for a more edgier short style upon which she sports the Skitties Hat, from Bliss Couture. A very colorful and whimsical hat that cannot help but bring a smile to the face, even the deathly pale one of Morticia! She completes her look with Suza, a bold Black and White Giraffe Print Bag from Mimikri, which when touched on the sides will reveal a highly detailed Rhinestone Indian Elephant. As her day dream comes to its end…will she wear this fabulous outfit away from the cemetery…will she take the family hearse and go to Vero? That is another day dream! Well, what are you waiting for….you may even see Morticia!

Photographer and model: Desireme Fallen
Vero Modero Yellow Ajda Mesh Dress
Bliss Couture Halloween Skitties Hat
Mimikri Suza Bag
Vanity Liberty Hair


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