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The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt With Domus

Saturday will be here in no time and with it brings the start of the Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt!  This preview i would like to share with you the hunt gift from Domus.

Domus has designed a very festive holiday themed table set.  The table has 6 chairs, 6 plates, cutlery, 6 Crystal Glasses,  a Poinsettia Candle Center Piece, and a Poinsettia themed cloth covered table.  You can have a very pretty dinner table to gather friends around for your holiday parties and just in case you need extra tables, chairs, etc., everythng  is copiable! This looks utterly fantastic  outside, in my gazebo….who said your dinner has to be indoors…lool

This and so many other wonderful gifts are available from the Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt.

Happy Hunting


The Peace on Earth Grid Wide Hunt With Geniwian Unique Homes and More

2 days until the start of the Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt. I love hunts!!! For your pleasure, I bring to you a preview of Geniwian Wicker Sofa Set.

Geniwian Unique Homes and More has placed on the hunt this awesome wicker sofa set. There is a Blue Fabric Dark Brown Wicker couch, Dark Brown coffee table, matching chair, Fern Plant, and rug. I just love the color and the menu. This will compliment many decor colors and can be used outside or indoor. This can be yours…all you have to do is find it!!!!

This and other phenomenal gifts awaits you on the Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt starting Saturday. Check my blog for more pictures and the web site for the hunt information. Well worth the time and effort to find these…you wll not be disappointed!!!

Happy Hunting!!!


The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt with An Lema

The is  hunt coming…The hunt is coming….the Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt starts December 1st!!! I love saying that…loool There are phenomenal gifts to be found…and all you have to do is just hunt for them. For your veiwing…I present to you a preview of An Lema Swanhaven.

An Lema has created the amazing Swanhaven Day Bed and matching table. The sofa has a menu drive animation hud inside and a nice menu selection of cuddling functions. I love the color combination of the Blue and Gold. It is beautifully crafted and have fun finding it on the hunt!

Time to sharpen up those sleuthing sklls! Amazng gifts to be had by all…have fun!

Happy Hunting!!!



The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt With Glitterati by Sapphire

It’s that time again….what time you ask…PREVEIW TIME!!! There is so much to share with you all… you will have a ball hunting and finding all of these great gifts! Just 3 days until the Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt starts on December 1st! The hunt will last until January 6th. On to the Preview!

Glitterati by Sapphire is a heavenly looking dressed named Peace Angel. i had the honor to meet the designer and she was soo nice and looked just lovely in this dress. You will be an angel fallen from heaven in this ethereal looking dress. The dress can also be worn without the feather cape. Very pretty dress!

Photographer and model….me

Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt Wide Hunt With Greenwood Homes and Molichino

Preview Time!!!! We are almost to the start date for the Peace on Earth Grid Wide Hunt. This hunt is now 5 years old and one of the most anticipated hunts, of the year, for many residents of Second Life. The hunt starts December 1st and will end on January 6th. Now on to the previews!!!

Greenwood Homes, Furnishings & and Curiosities, have generously provided 3 sizes of Christmas beds, Poinsette Rugs, shadows, and Red Mushroom lamps, that actually work just by clicking them on and off. The beds are so charmng…felt lke Goldie Locks, of the three bears fame, with three beds to sleep in…loool They have a sleep animation and you look so cute as you toss and turn in the bed.

Molichino has designed this sweater dress named Chrissy. Love the color red and it has a deer on the front. You can wear boots with this, leggings, layer it with a jacket, throw on a many looks you can get using this sweater dress! i am using it as sleep wear for the picture and it fits perfectly!

Photographer and Model…me


More previews from the Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt!!!! This fun and amazing hunt will take you all over Second life and will begin on December 1st and end on January 6th.

Cero presents, as their hunt gift, this gorgeous dress. The dramatic combination of the black and white colors are accented with daisies coming from the right shoulder back to across the front bodice and there are even daisies for the hair! The sweeping black and white lace train completes the look, which you also can detach and just wear the dress without. You will draw attention for sure in this dress!

Elemental Jewelry presents to adorn your neck…Falling Snow Flake Earrings and Snow Necklace. This exquisite set will look gorgeous on all who wears it. Such a delicate look to the light and as beautiful as a snowflake! The color combination just so ethereal looking….you will be very happy when you find this gift!

Photographer and Model….me


I am baaaacccck with more previews from the Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt. The hunt will take place from December 1st to January 6th. There are so many awesome gifts and want to cover as many as possible! The designers have been so generous with their time and efforts in the creations of the fabulous gifts that will be found on the hunt. With no further adieu….

Blush skins have made a very pretty skin exclusive to this hunt! I wore as little makeup as possible so that the true beauty of the skin will show. I only have on Blackliquid Glitter Green Eyeshadow, Blackliquid Just Gloss, and letluka lashes. There are 6 skins included and the one I am wearing is one of the pales. lool…I am a babe in this!!!

Sterling Artistry has designed a very pretty creation called Tranquil. The Solitude Estrade was created as personal retreat space, a notable landscape highlight, and could be used for a romantic interlude. For those planning a winter wedding, this would be fabulous to decorate and stand under to exchange vows. So many uses!!! Also, just beautiful alone on your land. Silver Trees not included.

Tres Beau Reindeer Sweater, Leggings, and Boots are so colorful and stylish that you will be a hit any place you wear them this winter season! The stripe leggings perfectly accents the sweater and those sexy matching boots, with the cute christmas ornaments on the sides is the topping on the ice cream!

Happy hunting!!!!

Photographer and model….me

THE PEACE ON EARTH GRID WIDE HUNT with Prime, Sascha’s Designs, and Dina’s Creations

Coming very soon and I am very very EXCITED for the fifth amazing year…. drum roll please…..the annual PEACE ON EARTH GRID WIDE HUNT!!!! The hunt will take place from December 1st to January 6th. There are soo many designers this year, 200 in all! I am so stoked as this is my very first hunt to blog and my very first Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt! The designers really outdid themselves, as the hunt gifts range from clothng to furnture and many things in between! Get those gumshoes out and your detective glasses ready for ths phenomenal hunt!

Here’s a sneak peak of some of the POE5 Hunt Gifts

From Prime we have the Making a Wish Desk, with chair and 2 pictures frames.This is just perfect for looking at your loved ones pictures while making out that all important wish list and you can set out the milk and cookies for Santa and yourself too! Next, we have this amazing dress from Sascha’s. Ladies you will be ready for all the holiday parties and beyond in this gorgeous dress! if you look on the floor by the piano…you will see the cutest Tumblng Snowboy ad Braided Heart Mesh Chrstmas Tree. These are absolutely adorable. You can put them indoors where you want a bit of holday cheer…or as decoraton outside your home, both from Dina’s Creations. The Peace on Earth Grid Wide Hunt starts December 1st…happy huntng!!!!!

Photographer and model…me

Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus had not been to the stables to see Santa’s reindeer in months…boy was they surprised when they saw the newly svelte Mrs. Clause…mouths dropped! All of them wanted to know WHY!!!! All those cookies and candy canes started to add up and i was so big that i couldn’t even wear the big guy’s pants she cooed! Mrs. Clause knew she looked good in her Vero Modero Selin Mesh Dress. The white background with the red brocade texture was just perfect for this time of year…and goes well with the big guy’s outfit of choice. She was used to the cold, living at the North Pole, but her hands and head needed a little something..her Z’s Winter White Mink and her Kermit Santa Hat was just the thing and perfect with her new dress! Prancer yelled out…Mrs. C you got legs!!! She laughed and contnued to gossip with the reindeer… Dasher asked what are you getting the Boss for Christmas…she replied you are looking at it! Winking and smiling a secret smile at Dasher…she further replied that Santa said Christmas came early for him, this year!

Photographer and Model….me

Selin Mesh Dress by Vero Modero
Z’s Winter White Mink Muff
Kermit Santa Hat
Mandala Red Cone Earrings
N-Core Ultraplatform White

The Favorite

She was captured in a raid of an English ship….She was purchased by the Agha Kislar for an unheard of fortune in gold to grace the harem of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The lady having accepted her fate, rose quickly to rank of ikbal and from there the Favorite. There was nothing the Sultan would not do to please her…the golden bed having been confiscated from another raid was placed in a private oasis made to resemble the homeland she was torn from and given to her. Her clothes finely sewn and made by the well known and famous merchant, Baboom. The Favourite’s eye catching floral textured Green bolero and harem pants, which makes her stand out from any other maiden of the harem, are adored by precious emeralds and delicately made Silver flowers. Note the details of the flowers of the belly chain that caresses her slim hips and of the Silver cuffs that graces the edge of her pants. Gasps were heard when she was seen wearing the Emerald and Silver Jewelry that was given to her by the Sultan himself. Untold riches for one that is not a Kadin! She is exquisitely beautiful in her finery…worthy of the Sultan.

This is an excellent ensemble for entertaining that special someone or for many uses in the varied Second life Role Play Communities and comes in several glorious colors! Make your way over to Baboom to buy this and see other new releases for the month.

(i wanted to show the multi uses of the jewelry that Baboom included in this outft…the belly chain and belly flower has been adapted into head jewelry and again using and turning the belly flower into earrings, which gives you another look…many more looks can be achieved with the amazing jewelry included…unlimited options with your imagination)

Photographer and model…me

Suleika Green Harem Outfit by Baboom

Flower Silver Cuff, Belly Flower, and Flower Belly Chain by Baboom

Autumn Blossom Side Head diadem, Necklace, and Earrings, by Baboom

Feeling Good…Looking Good

Today was just a wonderful amazing day and I looked totally awesome in my Blueberry Morana Black Mesh Shorts and my Marelinn Black Mesh Tee Shirt. This was the perfect outfit for exploring the Irish Tropical Islands, that I will be blogging in another post. As I walked about, put together and so casually chic, apparently that does show, as a man asked where he could get my outfit from for a lady friend, that is of course, after we flirted outrageously with each other…lool

These are part of the November releases for Blueberry and both are available in a smorgasbord of colors. Why not head over to Blueberry to check these out and see what else is also new!

Photographer and Model….me
Marelinn Black Mesh Tee-Sihrt by Blueberry
Morana Black Mesh Shorts by Blueberry
Chop Zuey Panatone Bracelet
Peqe Red G Wedges
Mandala Red Pinecone Earrings
Mimikri Suza Bag


Everyone has, knows, or are…a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a cousin, or a friend who is a woman. Violence is at an all time high against women, world-wide. Please add your voice, your support and stand up with us, women from all walks of life and join us to see the designs from the runway of The Anonymous Women Designers of Second Life. These Anonymous Women designers have generously donated their amazing talents and designs for a fabulous fashion show that will benefit abused women world-wide, this Sunday, November 25th, at 1:00 pm slt. We are women helping women to break away from the cycle of abuse. Will you?

Tattle Tale News-The Boozing Actress

The Tattle Tales News catches famous actress, straight from rehab, boozing it up on the set of her new movie, The Black Bird Lady. From this series of photos from this exclusive story, the actress can be seen throwing back a few, just look how she throws them on the ground when she done (picture one bottom left and go right from there), hiding bottle behind her skirt and pretending to be looking elsewhere, yeah, we know that trick…can she be on to us? Yes she’s on to us!!! We asked her would she like to make a statement…in answer, the actress tries to conceal her face and throws the beer bottle at us! Looks like the actress is going to pretend nothing has happens and adjusts her hat. Oh, what is she doing as we watch her drop to her knees… perhaps to begs us for the pictures, is she getting ready to pass out…or to lap up the beer…..hmm, you be the judge?

These fantastic poses were made by Nikki Demarazi, owner of Demise of Flight-Props, Poses, and Fashion, and are named Take Me Away, there are 5 of them. Nikki’s poses allows the imagination to be limitless and are very versatile, just look at the story i made with them. The flow of the poses are excellent and well made. I highly recommend them

Model and Photographer…me
Take Me Away Poses by Nikki Damarazi, Demise of Flight
The outfit i am wearing is a put together one using parts from EMO-tions Black Widow, Silken Moon Nevermore, and Leezu Yrin Jacket.
Lightstar Color Changeable Gloves
League Wanderer Necklace and Earrings
Bird Cage Top Hat by Boudoir


Coming soon…The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt!!!! Check back soon and often for updates for the hunt!

The Cat

While perched in her tree, and scanning for prey to stalk, she spies her newest victim…….the cat leaps from the tree into action and pounces upon her prize….Diamond Red Shoes by Baboom!

The cat sits and purrs contentedly upon the ground in her Ozelot Catsuit by Baboom and admires herself in the shade of the trees that conceals her. She gracefully moves her foot to and fro mesmerized by the twinkling of the Diamonds of her new red shoes. She returns to her perch in the tree and purrs loudly and unabashedly bares to any eyes that may see her, her beautiful Onyx Autumn Blossoms Jewelry by Baboom as she preens herself among the branches of her perch….waiting for next victim of prey.

Baboom Diamond Red Shoes, Onyx Autumn Blossoms, Ozelot Catsuit, and Lace Fur Boots are among the newest November Releases at Baboom.

Photographer and Model…me
Outfit and accessories by Baboom

Are You Ready To Rumble

I look Biker Chick Babe sexy in a I can kick your butt kind of way, in one of the hottest trends this season….LEATHER!!! This is the soon to be released Vendor Ad for Fatal’s Arcane Mesh Leather Pants and Bruna Mesh Leather Jacket. This look is so versatile that it can be dressed up or down, or worn separately for some fantastic looks. This phenomenal leather set will be featured at the Playground 52 Event, and worn by the amazing Wicca Merlin, Saturday, November 17th, at 2:00pm slt. Hope to see you there!

Photographer, Fatal, model…me
Bruna Mesh Leather Jacket by Fatal
Arcane Mesh Leather Pants by Fatal
Ultraplatforms Red by N-core
Ear Jewelry by h.m.a.e.m.
Cystal VIP Glasses by Kalnins
Je Suis Aveugle Diamond Studded Blindfold CHIC2
Color Changeable Gloves by Lightstar
L&B S Wear Women Death Skull Belt




The Opium Evolution Presents Playground 52

The Opium Evolution presents Playground 52…one of the cooliest fashion shows on the grid happening, Saturday, November 17th, at 2pm slt. Watch as the Evolution Models, strut, skate, dance, somersault down the runway, in some of the best outdoor looks of the season. Come and be impressed by the designs and creations of Blueberry, Fatal, Gabriel, IsoMotion, legal Insanity, and Vero Modero. If you look carefully you will find me on the Playground wearing fashions by Fatal. Bring your lindens, your banker, your honey, as you will want to purchase these fashions after the show!

See your there!

Skateboard Photograher….me

Des Top Mesh by Fatal
Carla Capri Mesh Pants by Fatal
Gawk Black Wool Armwarmer
Wasabi Pills Magician Hat Hair
Red All Stars Singular Accessories
Circus Maximus Bracelet by Chop Zuey
Neck Jewelry by h.m.a.e.m.
legal Insanity Yanez Skateboard


VCB prides itself on the quality of designs that we provide to our sophisticated clientele. Our women’s clothing range from couture gowns for the perfect dance or event, to some of the classic casual jeans and t-shirt outfits for a night at home watching movies on the couch. With such amazing designs you will find something to fit every style and every mood of your life.

When: Saturday, November 17th
Time: 3:00 pm slt.
Where: UEMA Modeling Agency & Academy , Virtulo (246, 230, 3876) – Moderate

Attention! we kindly ask you to remove all scripted objects and bring down your Avatar Rendering Cost (ARC) and scripts as low as reasonably possible, you will be guided to the seating area’s.
Thank you for your kind cooperation!


■UEMA CEO hailielynn Resident
■UEMA COO – BonieFacio Resident
■UEMA OWNER ʐekes ρrincess νiolet (violetcrush.bravin)

Glamourous Winter Look

One of my favorite gowns is the Bliss Couture Gravois Gown. i wanted a glamourous winter look for a casting and a dance.

Photographer and model: me
Bliss Couture Gravois Gown modified
Sonatta Morales Fur Pieces
Lightstar Gloves
Paper Couture Arrangement Earrings
WTG Dragon Fess Earpiece

Hollywood Women

I love the new dress by Zanze called Zayley, the colors, the shape, and that train! I will show you all 4 colors.

In that make believe world of Hollywood, there are many types of women. We will focus on 4….The Actress, The Mistress, The Wife, and The Assistant. Each has their own place in that society.

The Actress
I wish to thank the Academy of Arts for choosing me as Best Actress. After all who else could you have possibly chosen! Smiling beautifully for the cameras, where else can I get 12 millions dollars a movie for being… She looks absolutely stunning in the Zanze design, Zayley in Sandstorm. The color is the sheerest of sheer and so worthy of any red carpet walk. The way the train fans out from behind…just beautful!

The Mistress
Shes only as good as your last film’s gross receipts. Unlike the wife…she wants everything in movable currency! She looks just gorgeous in her Zayley in Grapa and knows it. Real Smart of you to give the wife and mistress somewhat the same jewelry. See how she studies the cut and clarity of the stones in the bracelet you just gave her…..ah what we do for lust!

The Wife
She is secure in the fact that you never made her sign a pre-nup! Well she knows about your little play thing, thanks to the assistant accidently or purposefully leaving out some receipts. Besides, have you seen the pool boy lately! You know she knows that she has you for life…as it would hurt you dearly to part with one dollar in a divorce! She is portait perfect, thanks to that last face lift, smiling, in her Zayley in Bloody Sunday, very dramatic looking! She looks just as beautiful as the day you married her…but now she can count!

The Assistant

Poor thing….she is run ragged from having to take care of all of you. She knows all of yours and their secrets too…gosh darn it, too bad you didnt pay attention to that signature she scribbled when you had her to sign that confidentiality agreement! Tired but amazing, she looks in her Zayley in Dark. She does everything from babysitting your kids to callng women you want to meet….for a casting session on your couch! You pay her no where near what you should…slave wages!!! Even her dress is a sumptuous hand me down and her jewels, cubic zirconia, you cheapskate, and her hat…a topping from a gift box! Gee..guess you have not noticed that shes writing a book!

You too can look like a beautiful actress, mistress, wife, or an amazing assistant, in this phenomenal creation…why not stop by Zanze and see this and other designs that will make you stand heads above the rest!

Photographer and model: me
Chop Zuey Harvest earring, ring and bracelet Group Gift
Chop Zuey Circus Maximus bracelets, necklace, and earrings Womenstuff Hunt Gift
Chop Zuey Mother of Us All Turtle Set
Chop Zuey Diamond Drop Earrings
Chop Zuey Kita KamaKura Diamond Necklace
Purple Moon Day Head Piece
Zanze Zayley Dress in Dark, Bloody Sunday, Sandstorm, and Grapa

The Picnic

The man of the night wanted some time alone so I suggested a picnic. I put out the champagne, cheese, and fruit….all perfect for an intimate tête-à-tête. While waiting for him, I found the juiciest looking apple. Not sure if I want to eat it or wait and see how good my aim is when he shows up…lool I look just too cute in my Amy Sweater in Blue and my Slate colored Brit Cordy Shorts both by Fatal. They are an awesome pairing! The sweater is a midriff baring one that dips longer in the back on the derriere. The shorts are rolled edge, 2 pockets. I am casual yet sexy. One of my favorite pieces of all time, is my h.m.a.e.m. for Ashraya Madhumita Head Piece. I wear this a lot because I just love it! These gorgeous and very pretty turquoise sandals are by Zazie.

The Amy Sweater and Brit Cordy Shorts are part of some of the fantastic new releases from Fatal. They will also be featured in the Opium Agency Fashion Show on November 17th, at 12:00 pm slt and will be available for purchase after the show. Keep the date open for the fashion show so you can see all the great new fashions that Fatal will be unveilinag at the show. See you there!!!

Photographer and model: me
Fatal Amy Sweater Blue
Fatal Brit Cordy Shorts Slate
Chop Zuey Pretty Kitty Belly Ring
Zazie Turquoise Sandal
h.m.a.e.m. for Ashraya Madhumita Head Piece

Military Inspired Style

If you are looking for a fabulous new bag to pair with this seasons fall/winter fashions, then look no further than the h.m.a.e.m. Bag 0320. These 100% mesh bags come in the awesome colors of Black, Mokka, and Rain. The gold brass detail of the purse gives it a WOW factor! The h.m.a.e.m. Bag 0320 are available exclusively at the KV Dream Fashion Agency beginning November 5th.

My military inspired style makes me look like a million bucks! Lool…actually I feel like a rock star!!!! I just love the drama that my Bliss Ordin Metalic Gold Leggings adds to my A:S:S Red Bonaparte Jacket….just babelicious perfect!!! Smiling, Bonaparte never looked this good!!!

Photographer and model…me
Exclusive KV Dream Fashion Agency h.m.a.e.m. Bag 0320

Bliss Ordin Metalic Gold Leggings
Paper Couture Diamond and Gold Arrangement Earrings
N-core Red Ultraplatform Shoes
A:S:S Bonaparte Jacket

The Colors of Mishi

I absolutely adore this very versatile dress! You can dress this for play, going out with friends and everythng else in between. So I decided to try a few looks….

Mishi Black

Wanted a look that was a little dark, yet fun and playful..The saying is once you go black…you never go back…lool
WTG Prelude Bangle and jeweled nails
Bliss Couture Spiderweb Leggings
Fatal Princess Bracelet
Fzapp Earrings
Chantkare May Group Gift
Drakke Chopper Boots

Mishi Dark Blue
My people are from the south and yes we do wear diamonds with our ten gallons and cowboy boots!
ZVZ Americana Dark Blue boots and hat
Lion Crest 5.0 Victoriae 5.00 Engagement Ring
Kita Kamakura Necklace and Shoka Earrings by Chop Zuey
Pagoda Bracelet by Chop Zuey

Mishi Pink

Sugar and Spice…but i am not all that nice…winking
Ling Ling Bracelet and JuJu Earrings by Chop Zuey
LuLu Black Shoes by Slink
OC Fashion Handbag by Orage

This most awesome denim dress is by Blueberry…check out Blueberry today!

I am……

Cleopatra, daughter of Isis. Desired by men. Ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt. Worshipped by millions. Watching a small furrow form upon her beautiful brow, she says in a husky, sexy, voice, that immediately captures your full attention, I have the vastness of Egypt’s riches, Mark Anthony as a lover…she stops and the furrow upon her forehead deepens, she continues…. I have it all….EXCEPT….for the Vero Modero Rosso Gown!

It is an amazing dress fit for a queen! This gown was made by Vero Modero for the Avenue Cinque Event. The mesh gown has a sumptuous brocade texture, in a deep rich red, that accentuates your curves to the point that you can bring a man to his knees! The dress can be worn several ways. Her choice of jewels..but of course, Chop Zuey Sugarplums! They glow and glistens, like the mighty Nile itself upon a moon lit night. You too can become a legend, in your own time, when you wear the Rosso Gown by Vero Modero. Why not take the next gilded barge over to Vero Modero.

Photographer and model: me
Rosso by Vero Modero
SugarPlums Earrings and Necklace by Chop Zuey
Wicca Hair by Element Hair

Cleopatra Look
Bodice, Skirt, and Veil Cape by Kleopatra
Hat, Flail, Hega, and Armbands by Khan El Khalili