The Colors of Mishi

I absolutely adore this very versatile dress! You can dress this for play, going out with friends and everythng else in between. So I decided to try a few looks….

Mishi Black

Wanted a look that was a little dark, yet fun and playful..The saying is once you go black…you never go back…lool
WTG Prelude Bangle and jeweled nails
Bliss Couture Spiderweb Leggings
Fatal Princess Bracelet
Fzapp Earrings
Chantkare May Group Gift
Drakke Chopper Boots

Mishi Dark Blue
My people are from the south and yes we do wear diamonds with our ten gallons and cowboy boots!
ZVZ Americana Dark Blue boots and hat
Lion Crest 5.0 Victoriae 5.00 Engagement Ring
Kita Kamakura Necklace and Shoka Earrings by Chop Zuey
Pagoda Bracelet by Chop Zuey

Mishi Pink

Sugar and Spice…but i am not all that nice…winking
Ling Ling Bracelet and JuJu Earrings by Chop Zuey
LuLu Black Shoes by Slink
OC Fashion Handbag by Orage

This most awesome denim dress is by Blueberry…check out Blueberry today!


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