Hollywood Women

I love the new dress by Zanze called Zayley, the colors, the shape, and that train! I will show you all 4 colors.

In that make believe world of Hollywood, there are many types of women. We will focus on 4….The Actress, The Mistress, The Wife, and The Assistant. Each has their own place in that society.

The Actress
I wish to thank the Academy of Arts for choosing me as Best Actress. After all who else could you have possibly chosen! Smiling beautifully for the cameras, where else can I get 12 millions dollars a movie for being…..me. She looks absolutely stunning in the Zanze design, Zayley in Sandstorm. The color is the sheerest of sheer and so worthy of any red carpet walk. The way the train fans out from behind…just beautful!

The Mistress
Shes only as good as your last film’s gross receipts. Unlike the wife…she wants everything in movable currency! She looks just gorgeous in her Zayley in Grapa and knows it. Real Smart of you to give the wife and mistress somewhat the same jewelry. See how she studies the cut and clarity of the stones in the bracelet you just gave her…..ah what we do for lust!

The Wife
She is secure in the fact that you never made her sign a pre-nup! Well she knows about your little play thing, thanks to the assistant accidently or purposefully leaving out some receipts. Besides, have you seen the pool boy lately! You know she knows that she has you for life…as it would hurt you dearly to part with one dollar in a divorce! She is portait perfect, thanks to that last face lift, smiling, in her Zayley in Bloody Sunday, very dramatic looking! She looks just as beautiful as the day you married her…but now she can count!

The Assistant

Poor thing….she is run ragged from having to take care of all of you. She knows all of yours and their secrets too…gosh darn it, too bad you didnt pay attention to that signature she scribbled when you had her to sign that confidentiality agreement! Tired but amazing, she looks in her Zayley in Dark. She does everything from babysitting your kids to callng women you want to meet….for a casting session on your couch! You pay her no where near what you should…slave wages!!! Even her dress is a sumptuous hand me down and her jewels, cubic zirconia, you cheapskate, and her hat…a topping from a gift box! Gee..guess you have not noticed that shes writing a book!

You too can look like a beautiful actress, mistress, wife, or an amazing assistant, in this phenomenal creation…why not stop by Zanze and see this and other designs that will make you stand heads above the rest!

Photographer and model: me
Chop Zuey Harvest earring, ring and bracelet Group Gift
Chop Zuey Circus Maximus bracelets, necklace, and earrings Womenstuff Hunt Gift
Chop Zuey Mother of Us All Turtle Set
Chop Zuey Diamond Drop Earrings
Chop Zuey Kita KamaKura Diamond Necklace
Purple Moon Day Head Piece
Zanze Zayley Dress in Dark, Bloody Sunday, Sandstorm, and Grapa


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