Are You Ready To Rumble

I look Biker Chick Babe sexy in a I can kick your butt kind of way, in one of the hottest trends this season….LEATHER!!! This is the soon to be released Vendor Ad for Fatal’s Arcane Mesh Leather Pants and Bruna Mesh Leather Jacket. This look is so versatile that it can be dressed up or down, or worn separately for some fantastic looks. This phenomenal leather set will be featured at the Playground 52 Event, and worn by the amazing Wicca Merlin, Saturday, November 17th, at 2:00pm slt. Hope to see you there!

Photographer, Fatal, model…me
Bruna Mesh Leather Jacket by Fatal
Arcane Mesh Leather Pants by Fatal
Ultraplatforms Red by N-core
Ear Jewelry by h.m.a.e.m.
Cystal VIP Glasses by Kalnins
Je Suis Aveugle Diamond Studded Blindfold CHIC2
Color Changeable Gloves by Lightstar
L&B S Wear Women Death Skull Belt





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