Tattle Tale News-The Boozing Actress

The Tattle Tales News catches famous actress, straight from rehab, boozing it up on the set of her new movie, The Black Bird Lady. From this series of photos from this exclusive story, the actress can be seen throwing back a few, just look how she throws them on the ground when she done (picture one bottom left and go right from there), hiding bottle behind her skirt and pretending to be looking elsewhere, yeah, we know that trick…can she be on to us? Yes she’s on to us!!! We asked her would she like to make a statement…in answer, the actress tries to conceal her face and throws the beer bottle at us! Looks like the actress is going to pretend nothing has happens and adjusts her hat. Oh, what is she doing as we watch her drop to her knees… perhaps to begs us for the pictures, is she getting ready to pass out…or to lap up the beer…..hmm, you be the judge?

These fantastic poses were made by Nikki Demarazi, owner of Demise of Flight-Props, Poses, and Fashion, and are named Take Me Away, there are 5 of them. Nikki’s poses allows the imagination to be limitless and are very versatile, just look at the story i made with them. The flow of the poses are excellent and well made. I highly recommend them

Model and Photographer…me
Take Me Away Poses by Nikki Damarazi, Demise of Flight
The outfit i am wearing is a put together one using parts from EMO-tions Black Widow, Silken Moon Nevermore, and Leezu Yrin Jacket.
Lightstar Color Changeable Gloves
League Wanderer Necklace and Earrings
Bird Cage Top Hat by Boudoir


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