The Cat

While perched in her tree, and scanning for prey to stalk, she spies her newest victim…….the cat leaps from the tree into action and pounces upon her prize….Diamond Red Shoes by Baboom!

The cat sits and purrs contentedly upon the ground in her Ozelot Catsuit by Baboom and admires herself in the shade of the trees that conceals her. She gracefully moves her foot to and fro mesmerized by the twinkling of the Diamonds of her new red shoes. She returns to her perch in the tree and purrs loudly and unabashedly bares to any eyes that may see her, her beautiful Onyx Autumn Blossoms Jewelry by Baboom as she preens herself among the branches of her perch….waiting for next victim of prey.

Baboom Diamond Red Shoes, Onyx Autumn Blossoms, Ozelot Catsuit, and Lace Fur Boots are among the newest November Releases at Baboom.

Photographer and Model…me
Outfit and accessories by Baboom


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