The Favorite

She was captured in a raid of an English ship….She was purchased by the Agha Kislar for an unheard of fortune in gold to grace the harem of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The lady having accepted her fate, rose quickly to rank of ikbal and from there the Favorite. There was nothing the Sultan would not do to please her…the golden bed having been confiscated from another raid was placed in a private oasis made to resemble the homeland she was torn from and given to her. Her clothes finely sewn and made by the well known and famous merchant, Baboom. The Favourite’s eye catching floral textured Green bolero and harem pants, which makes her stand out from any other maiden of the harem, are adored by precious emeralds and delicately made Silver flowers. Note the details of the flowers of the belly chain that caresses her slim hips and of the Silver cuffs that graces the edge of her pants. Gasps were heard when she was seen wearing the Emerald and Silver Jewelry that was given to her by the Sultan himself. Untold riches for one that is not a Kadin! She is exquisitely beautiful in her finery…worthy of the Sultan.

This is an excellent ensemble for entertaining that special someone or for many uses in the varied Second life Role Play Communities and comes in several glorious colors! Make your way over to Baboom to buy this and see other new releases for the month.

(i wanted to show the multi uses of the jewelry that Baboom included in this outft…the belly chain and belly flower has been adapted into head jewelry and again using and turning the belly flower into earrings, which gives you another look…many more looks can be achieved with the amazing jewelry included…unlimited options with your imagination)

Photographer and model…me

Suleika Green Harem Outfit by Baboom

Flower Silver Cuff, Belly Flower, and Flower Belly Chain by Baboom

Autumn Blossom Side Head diadem, Necklace, and Earrings, by Baboom


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  1. Thank you Desi i like these post 🙂

    November 27, 2012 at 6:43 am

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