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Jenny At The Park

Blueberry Jenny Jumpsuit  Sometimes we forget being bogged down with concerns and things from our real lives and our second lives to be appreciative of what we have and are able to do! Today was a day of reflection for me not so much because it’s the last day of 2012 but because we do change, grow, and sometimes…lool..regress! So many things have happened for me this year that I am very happy for. So today its going to be a desireme day. I am going to do whatever I wish regardless of the time or the other things, I should be doing.

So I decided to go back and explore at Irish Tropical Islands and Irish Estates. They are a beautiful set of islands that are connected to the Bonair and Artisan Estates making for 60 sims of boating and flying. It is a new upper scale community which is growing and adding more water sims for recreational sports and pleasure for their residents and visitors. Irish Estates have live music events at their Newport Yacht Club, as well as the famous Sunset Jazz Club, SL’s oldest Jazz venue. With my pet monkey in tow, I went roller skating on some of the most beautiful paths! I am glad that although I am very casual…I look like I belong in this very affluent looking, beautiful sim wearing my playful and cute Blueberry Jenny Mesh Jumpsuit. It is a pretty light sky blue color with a capri length pant that tapers in a rib cuff below the knee. The strapless top is adorned by a big oversized bow that comes with a color change hud that you can select among 10 colors! The mesh jumpsuit is available in several colors and fit divinely! Why don’t you head over to Blueberry and pick this up and then come over to Irish Tropical Islands for a tour of these amazing sims!

Photographer and models…me and my pet monkey Duchesses

Blueberry Jenny Mesh Jumpsuit
Retro Mommy Roller Skates

Relative Go Home!

LD Lazy Couch and Blanket Chest and Winter 2012 Window Seat

LD Furniture

LD Blanket Chest Light

LD Winter Blue Window Seat 2012

You know how unexpected guests…especally sl relatives who come for a visit and never leave…..lool I decided to make a small corner as a living space for those type of family members..lool! Comfortable and stylish to please the eye but not big enough for them to want to stay, long-term, laughing!  L’aize Dayz is a creator of excellent quality furniture that won’t empty your wallet! Their selection is awesome and extensive. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask them and they will try their best to help you or make suggestions! Customer Service is their other great priority and theirs is second to none! In my relative go home area..lool, I have the LD White and Blue Lazy Sofa. Very stylish and just the right length so that my tall relatives wont sleep on my white couch! It has Blue and White Toss pillows on either end that contains the menus with a very generous selection of poses. The animations that they use are the best and are very smooth through all the transitions. You will enjoy using them! Above the couch you see the Country Flowers Mesh Tapestry. Very colorful and pretty and will bring a light cheerfulness to any room or area you choose to hang it in. I love furniture that can do double duty! The LD Blanket Chest, Light, not only is a blanket chest…it can also do double duty as a coffee table! Have centered it just so in front of the couch and now have the perfect table for my relative go home section! The texture on the chest looks just like real wood, very realistic..great chest! Now we have the 2012 Blue Winter Window Seat.  Name me one person who does not like looking out a window…we are all voyeurs at heart! A good book…a cup of coffee, or just curled up on the seat…aww what a luxury! Well this window seat does all of that and much more, has a total of 9 pose selections! Really like the window seat! Now my relative go home section is complete. Why not come on over to L’aize Dayz and check out their fantastic furniture and make your own relative go home area!

Photographer and Model….me


The End Of The World Fair

end of the world  We made it. We survived and now it’s time for the new year to begin.

This is the last chance to get yourself something awesome to wear or to decorate your home for the New Year. All the designers have made amazing exclusive items only found at the fair. Deeleys have a fantastic range of fun headwear perfect for NYE parties. If you haven’t checked it out yet then come and see. The fair ends midnight tonight.

reprinted from an earlier notice

Under The Weather By Image Essentials

Under The Weather by image essentials

Under The Weather by image essentials

Under The Weather by image essentials

Under The Weather by image essentials

Under The Weather by image essentials

Under The Weather by image essentials

OMG!!! frantically and desperately trying to remember when her last sl cycle was, hugging the porcelain throne, and wanting to kill the man of the moment….all while throwing up like there’s no tomorrow, cursing and crying…..THERE CAN’T BE A BUN IN MY OVEN she  yells between retches!!!!! While wiping the sides of her mouth and pulling her hair out of the toilet….sweating bullets…OH GAWD…please, please, PLEASEEEEE let this be a 24 hour bug and not a 9 month wonder! Loool….this is a really funny and cool prop by image Essentials. It has 6 excellently made poses! The floor can also be sunk in the floor too! I had a great time playing with this cause it is soooo freaking funny! You can really make some funny pictures with this and for those contemplating an sl pregnancy, this can add so much to your role play! Any sl drunks…this is perfect for you, laughing! You can install this at your bar, smiling…oh gosh the uses are endless!!! You can even send fake pictures to your sl boss showing how sick you are and that you can’t come in to work…lool Oh the fun you can have with this!!! Why not make a trip over to Image Essentials or purchase on marketplace for 200L. Have fun…I sure did!!!

Photographer and model…me

The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt With Martie’s Elegant Plants

  MEP Martie Elegant Plants_002

MEP Martie Elegant Plants_003

MEP Martie Elegant Plants_001

POE5 Official Poster

The Peace on Earth Grid Wide Hunt is so popular and no matter where I go, I meet hunters and they can’t say enough wonderful things about this hunt and bragging every time about their hunt finds! This hunt has everything…now I am looking for the kitchen sink…loool! Even our gardening needs have been seen to…can you believe that!!! How awesome is that!!! Your home should look as good outside as it does inside! Well…Martie’s Elegant Plants have made as their hunt gift to you, a very colorful, beautiful, and nature based grouping of flowers, several large rocks, a broken and buried clay pot, and 2 trees!!!! They are all on a base that you sink into the ground and voila you have a garden! Not only did she give us a magnificent setting, she also included 2 pillow talk pillows! One for a single and the other for a couple to lie about under the trees and among the flowers. You can modify the size of the grouping and make copies too! These items are exclusive to the hunt and the hunt is only once a year. This year’s hunt will be ending on January 6th. So get to hunting!!! Grab this while you still can! As they will not be available after the hunt! Thank you Martie for this most excellent hunt gift of nature to beatify our homes and add a smile to our faces! Who does not smile when they see pretty flowers and green leafed trees!

Photographer and model…me

The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt With Special Jewell’s Fine Art Photography

Special Jewell's Fine Art Photography

POE5 Official Poster

OMG!!! When I saw this…was instantly hooked on this original art work by Special Jewell’s Fine Art Photography! This very playful, yet serene scene was created for the Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt! You must go out and find this!!!! To have her work grace your walls…and all you have to do is hunt for it…oh goodnes!!! This hunt has truly seen to everything but the kitchen sink! The hunt will run through to January 6th.

Jewell feels that Second Life is a beautiful, wonderful place that is full of inspiration for her. Most of her creations are untouched, unmanipulated inworld images that moved her spiritually and emotionally during her many travels throughout the grid. The colors and layers that you see in her compositions are as her eye and camera caught them inworld.

All of her photographs are modified so you can size them to fit anywhere in your home, office or business.

Have fun finding this and do enjoy…Special, THANK YOU, for this awe-inspiring work as a most phenomenal hunt gift!


The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt With Stonewood Interiors

Stonewood interiors Let it snow Furniture_004

POE5 Official Poster

The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt has some of the best hunt gifts ever!!! I am hearing this over and over from you all that I have the pleasure to meet inworld. The hunt will be over with on January 6th, so you can still come out and get this fantastic Let it Snow Set and all the other marvelous hunt gifts!

Stonewood interiors have made a wonderful and stylish furniture suite for one of their hunt gifts. They have been very generous to say the least!!! The set comes with 1 arm chair, 1 love seat with 2 person seating, 2 end tables with 2 iced Pinecone lamps that you touch to turn on, one resizable rug, and 1 center coffee table. The Peace on Earth graphic and miniature tree are removable. This very chic set is not limited to just being used for the holidays. The coloring of the white set and the decorative lone gold or white snow flake, on the navy blue pillows, allows you to use this year round. The menu that the couch and chairs have, you will not be disappointed in! The menu for the couch has a selection for guests, cuddles, and kisses….ooh lala!!! No cheap animations used for this set….first class all the way and very smooth transitions!!! For those of you on a budget, people will think you spent a lot of money on this and you can smile and let think you are rolling in the lindens…loool

Thank you Stonewood for your very generous gifts to the hunt and I really really like this so many others who have found it does….THANK YOU!!!

Come on out now and find this phenomenal set for your home on the hunt trail. Have fun and happy hunting!!!