POE 5 Fatal  MelanieThe Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt started at 12:00 am this morning. Smiling, how many gifts have you found so far??? The Peace On Earth Grid Hunt serves more purposes than some realize. New ones who come to Second Life can be taught to hunt for quality items for their inventory and there are so many people who in real life can no longer afford to buy things, yet alone here and come here to escape the problems and can still be dressed with beautiful and well made with some sleuthing skills and time, can find fantastic gifts that they can be proud to wear and own.

From a designer who makes awesome fashions and is one of the nicest ladies, I bring you, her hunt gift, Melanie, from Fatal. Melanie is a Blue Sweater Dress with a White Snow Flake in the middle and very well made. The outfit comes with White Leggings and very cute knee-high blue striped gym shoes. You will be very winter chic, when you wear Melanie. All you have to do is hunt for it and it is yours!!! As for accessories, I added this amazing White Mink Attila Hat and muff by Z’s.

Happy Hunting!!!


POE5 Official Poster


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