The Peace on Earth Grid Wide Hunt With Melu Deco and AtiXx

Snapshot_045POE5 Official Poster  Hope you are having a ball on the sleuthing trail for The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt!!!! The hunt runs from December 1st to January 6th. On the hunt trail you will find phenomenal designers, one of which I now present to you, her hunt gift.

Melu Deco has made these gorgeous Art Deco Stand Lamps. Melu Deco is a brand of furniture and home accessories whose creations are inspired by 1920s-1940s styles. I would pay for these lamps!!! Actually I have a lot of her designs and love them to death! The designs of these lamps can be used whether your home is art deco or otherwise styled. Thats one of the beauties of the Art Deco Style…can be blended beautifully into many styles! You will receive 2 standing floor lamps that are resizable and so worth the time to find!

On the console is something I was too happy to see on the hunt….a knic knack!!! I personally love figurines and am very sure that i am not alone…loool I happily present their hunt gift for your viewing pleasure.

This very well made Love Figurine is by AtiXx. You can colored this any color you wish and resize it. It also comes with the sculpt map. This looks good on my console! If you have a bare spot or a nook or a cranny that needs a little something…this would be perfect! So frigging amazing that this and the other hunt gifts are free…as all in my opinion have done some of their best work possible for this hunt! Now go get yours!!!!

Happy Hunting!



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