The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt With MaMia






MaMia Saffron



POE5 Official Poster

I am just loving the Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt!!!! Opening each gift is such a treat!!! The hunt started yesterday and will end on January 6th. With this blog, I joyfully bring to you the hunt gifts from MaMia!!!

MaMia made these most spectacular reception Set and Saffron Outfit. She really added much detail for the tables. You will receive Table + mesh cloth (not linked) with 10 textures you can change for the cloth! 2 layered serving tray dispenser for desserts-chocolate and one for aperitif, 2 bouquet with menu to change the flowers…5 choices for those! You will also receive 2 extinguishable candles and 2 miniature Xmas trees. You can set out as many as need…I put out two tables for balance. WOW!!!

I decided to set up a tea reception for Madame who is making last minute checks for her champagne reception. You know to make sure that the servants got it right….so upper crust! Madame is shown wearing her Saffron Outfit by MaMia. It includes mesh gown, hat, shoes, gloves, chest ruffles, animated perfume, fan and clutch bag. MaMia and the other designers have been most generous with their designs to say the least. THANK YOU MaMia..and Thank you designers for all that you have given us hunters!!!



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