The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt With Stonewood Interiors

Stonewood interiors-Faithful Friends_001


Stonewood Faithful Friends

POE5 Official Poster

The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt is on the lips of just about everyone I have met today!!! Why don’t you make time and go to find out what the buzz is all about. 200 AMAZING designers have awesome hunt gifts placed out for this hunt for your sleuthing pleasure!

Our next featured designer, from Stonewood Interior, has made this outdoor winter decoration called faithful Friends. When I first saw it, it brought such an ear to ear smile to my face. It brought back my own childhood memories of when my brothers, sister, and good friends, and i would get together and build snowmen…such fun that was and are now cherished memories. This would look fantastic on your decorated land and can be placed many ways to add to the beauty of the season! Thank you Stonewood for this nostalgic piece and the smile it will bring upon any who looks at it…Thank you all designers for your combined efforts to make this hunt the success it is!

Happy Hunting!!



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