Baboom Cruise Look_001Baboom Cruise Look_005Baboom Cruise/Resort Look Baboom Cruise Look_009

The man of the moment and i decided that its vacation time for us  and  he has more money than time….so he asked me to find  something acceptable to me.  i am aboard the SS Galaxy.  Very interesting looking cruise ship. The state rooms for the Vip level and above are very nice! Cruising  in second life is vastly different than real life and of course i am dressed  in cruise/resort collection wear for this time of year.  i have on a very fabulous outfit by Baboom.  This amazing look by Baboom consists of the cable knitted black textured pullover Mesh sweater and the white light linen Mesh High Waist Pants.  i looked like a million bucks!   The pants are detailed with a nice crisp shape and a crease going down the front of the pants. A very nice black looped belt and 3 black buttons going up the high waist band of the pants.  The sweater looks equally rich and the texture just as wonderful as the pants…so much so that on both you can actually see the texture…nothing muted here! The sweater has ribbing around the cuffs of the sleeves and around the chest area.  Love love love! The pants and sweater are both available  in other colors. Whether you are going on vacation or not and want to look amazing..head over to Baboom.  This is part of Baboom latest releases.

Photographer and model…me

Baboom Mesh High Waist Pants

Baboom Mesh Knitted Pullover

Lourdes Couture Rouge Purse

Kahlins Vip Glasses


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