Home and Garden Market Winter Fair December 1-14

Home and Garden Market Winter FairThe Home and Garden Market Winter Fair has started!!! The Fair dates are December 1st through the 14th. There are amazing home and garden decor creations everywhere you go!  Just walking around the sim…I dont have enough lindens!!!!!  There are just so many wonderful designs here….must marry a Linden to be able to afford to buy everythng that I want, which is all of it…..loool!!!!  Whatever your furniture taste, you will find it here…from classic to shabby chic!  The little accessories and knic knacks that gives your home its flavor and style abounds here as well! There is much to see…oh and be sure to stop by the 10L Christmas Sales Spot…I was totally blown away with my mystery box purchases…worth far far more than the asking price of a mere 10 lindens!!!!  This little shopper is going to load up on lindens today to go back and get more!!!  The holiday season is for giving more..but just looking at the phenomenal things here…these designers give that and their best, all year round!

Following the success of Their Summer Fair, the Home and Garden Market is pleased to bring you the Winter Fair

We have three great events:

1.) The Home and Garden Market Winter Hunt December 1 – 14

Winter / Xmas themed items from a range of great home and garden designers

Hints and pics will be posted on the blog http://homeandgardenmarket.wordpress.com/

Hunt item is an apple

Starting store is Marmalade Jam at the Home and Garden Market

2.)  10L  Mystery Christmas Sales Spot Dec 1- 14

Following the success of the mystery sales weekend, we are doing a xmas themed mystery sales spot!

Decorate your SL homes for Christmas for only 10L!

All items are xmas themed and only 10L – but you wont know what they are until you get home and unwrap them!!  Wonderful xmas surprises!

3.)  Fab4 Sale Event  Dec 8 – 14

Next year the H&G Market will be bringing you a new sales event – Fab4  – where designers will be offering NEW home and garden items for 4 days for only 40L!

As a preview for this we are holding a Fab4 event the second week of the Winter Fair.

Watch the Home and Garden Blog for all the details!

Come on down to the Home and Garden Market for the Winter Fair We have a skating rink and are offering a photo booth where friends and families can have their Xmas photos taken!

Check out the great stores on the Home and Garden Sim – nominated for best shopping sim in SL at the 2012 Avi Choice Awards!!

See you there!!!!!



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