LD Beachie Keen Cottage by Lustre Designs

Beachie Keen Cottage Retreat_

Beachie Keen Cottage Retreat_

Beachie Keen Cottage Retreat_

Beachie Keen Cottage Retreat_

Beachie Keen Cottage Retreat_

Beachie Keen Cottage Retreat_

Beachie Keen Cottage Retreat_

Beachie Keen Cottage Retreat_

Beachie Keen Cottage Retreat

We are all creatures of being…who long for our own private space, to be alone in, to entertain..decorate…loool! No matter the size…lool…I know what you are thinking, laughing! Be it a mansion or small cottage, we all want our own personal space! Sometimes due to space/land, prims or even spending Linden limitations, we don’t always end up with what we want. Perhaps you might wish to hide on your land from family and friends..lool! You may want a little get away placed somewhere that requires less prims and space so you can devote the latter elsewhere or even just to have a very pretty cottage on your land for people to kick back in and relax, as they explore your land. On that note, let me introduce you to the perfect little getaway that is big enough for one…but have just enough space to entertain friends in and a place that you would be proud to show to your friends. The LD Beachie Keen Cottage fits the bill for all of the above and so much more! I put the Beachie Keen Cottage inside of a low prim skybox that has an awesome beach scene. Look how welcoming it is! Outside on the steps you see sea grass on either side of the steps. Then on 2 of the steps, potted plants that lead up to the deck of the landing where you see a bottle of vintage LD Red Wine and wine glass..just waiitng for you….beckoning you to sit upon the covered folding chair and enjoy a glass. ahhh, how good that feels going down! Whats better than that…to sit, drink wine, and look at the rolling shoreline…or if placed in a wooded area..the peacefulness of the beauty of the space that you are surrounded in. Let your imagination be your guide! As you go through the double wood glass doors, you are struck by the beauty of the reclaimed weathered wood used to build the cottage. The one room is furnished in delightful tones of blue and green striped fabric that cover the cushioned arm chairs, the weaved fabric of Mission Chair, Couch, and ottoman and of the pillows casually tossed for your comfort. Even the coordinated rug and table runner adds to the charm of this very pretty room All the furniture have very nice sit menus. I love laying on the bay window cushion, it too has great sit and lie positions,….just staring out at nothing…as I am lulled into my own dream world. The wall is very nicely decorated with prints and graphics. If you love the house but wish to put your own things in…you can do that too! You can add and subtract at will to make your space a truly unique one…to make it home! You can sit at the table and enjoy a solitary cup of coffee or gossip with good friends. The candles really lights up and you can change the color of the candle to suit your decor. So many many uses you can find for this very quaint cottage. You will fall in love with the beautiful LD Beachie Keen Cottage as I have. Come to Lustre Designs and see this and so much more.

Some things about how to use the Cottage

This 35 Prim Cottage (w/o furnishing) offers a complete furnished version inside and out. It is easily rezzed and derezzed for ease of your convenience. You can take things away to make this less prims since it is copy and modifiable.
She added another set of doors to use since the ones that rez has a menu that comes up which can become annoying. Lustre has also added another coffee cup to use in your other hand since the one that is rezzed is for the right hand. There are some poses that require to use in different hands.
She uses the Titan Box Rezzing System by Jack Hathor
How to rezz the contents of the box
– Click the box
– Select Rezz

How to move the set if its out of the box
– (move the box)
– Click the box
– Select move. The box will go into movingstate, the furniture will follow the box.
– Select move again to stop moving. The menu you get with a click on the box will state the current movement mode.

How to remove the set if its out of the box
– Click the box
– Select Remove

Lustre use the hippoUPDATE Product Update Sever V2.0 by Andy Enfield.
This allows her to easily keep my customers up to date with the latest version of her products.
This features a dual communication protocol by timer and when it is rezzed, and also results in more reliable deliveries.


Lustre Designs included a Hide/Show Script in case you want to keep your box out. The rez box is also phantom to make it easy for you to keep it out for any future adjustments. Simply type: /1hide to hide the rez box or /1show to show the rez box.


I hope you enjoy her creations as Honey really enjoys creating and she even enjoys it more when someone else likes it as well and finds a use for it:) If you have any questions, she wll be happy to answer them. You can im her inworld. Her name is Honey Lustre, Lustre Designs and Kids Korner. Both amazing stores! Come on over and check her out. Her customer service is second to none!



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