LD Winter Ice Skate Park Set

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You know when we as humans see something we like..we just HAVE to share it with somebody, otherwise we would just burst. We jump on the cell…text…instant message, but we do tell! Well as a blogger…lool…I write! As a small child..there was a park not too far from my home and when it got cold enough, they would make a skating rink for us. To go gliding across the ice on the tiniest piece of steel totally mesmerized me and there was always those who could show off and did on the blades…smiling, I wanted to be Dorothy Hamill!!! One thing that I enjoy about being in a virtual world, is that feelings such as those, can  still be had. Walking along a wooded path in the midst of majestic snow laden trees and totally hidden, was this fantastic park…a small ice skating park! Nestled within the boughs of the trees was the rink…just waiting for me! It was enclosed by these short fantastic looking stone pillars and a wrought iron fence. I ran unto the ice…heels and all and fell flat on my butt with my legs flailing in the air. I looked around to see if anyone saw me,  laughing, and or course there was not a soul around. This was the most incredible sight to my eyes! In one corner there was a red sled…just like the one my brother use to have, parked next to a pile of snow. Once I picked myself off the ice…made my way over to that. Someone had made a pile of snowballs ready for throwing! I noticed a little boy very  busy building a snowman or even perhaps a Mrs. Snowman and smiled at him, but didn’t disturb him. I walked over to the center of the ice and looked down the hole…and saw frozen water. When I looked over to the other corners, i saw a sign for skates and hurried over to that and got a free pair of skates. Wow, I thought it has skates for both men and ladies. The corner on the side of the sign had a bench. Oooh no…someone had left a really nice plaid blanket! Oh well, its mine now! There was a wreath decorated Lantern Lamp that provided soft illumination as I sat on the bench…while I kept trying many comfortable positions as  I could assume while I put my skates on…lool. Within minutes I was gliding upon the ice…I got that feeling back too, totally mesmerized again, but in a different world!.

This amazing ice skate park is by Lustre Designs. I really really enjoyed this ice skate park…how it is designed, and the details! It even has a snow emitter!!! When you see it for yourself,  you will want it for your home.  The park can be made bigger or smaller as you need. You will not be disappointed with this!!!

Photographer and model…me

Some information about the Skate Park
LD Winter (22P) Ice Skate Park {TRB} includes “Fall in Ice with legs flailing” animation.
Area Sizes:
-Inside the sculpt stone pillars and wrought iron fence 13 x 15 meters
-Snow area 21 x 23 meters (it can be sunk or modified to make it smaller or larger)

Each corner of the ice skate rink has a sub scene:
1. LD Winter – Snowball (6P) Fight Set {TRB}
2. LD Winter Snowman (32P) Building Scene {TRB}
3. LD snowballs Pile -2 (included with the Ice Skate Park
4. LD Winter – Outdoor (16P) Park Bench Scene {TRB}

Total Prims for Entire Scene 76 Prims
Modify/Copy/No Transfer

***Note -Honey has included a few Free Gifts in this Set:
*LD Winter -Flag on Post -“Welcome Winter” Ice Skate Giver
*LD Winter -Snowy Pine Tree -Grouping
*LD Winter -Star with Snow/Snowflake Emitter
She used the Titan Box Rezzing System by Jack Hathor
How to rezz the contents of the box
– Click the box
– Select Rezz

How to move the set if its out of the box
– (move the box)
– Click the box
– Select move. The box will go into movingstate, the furniture will follow the box.
– Select move again to stop moving. The menu you get with a click on the box will state the current movement mode.

How to remove the set if its out of the box
– Click the box
– Select Remove
Lustre Designs uses the hippoUPDATE Product Update Sever V2.0 by Andy Enfield.
This allows her to easily keep my customers up to date with the latest version of my product.
This features a dual communication protocol by timer and when it is rezzed, and also results in more reliable deliveries.
She included a Hide/Show Script in case you want to keep your box out. The rez box is also phantom to make it easy for you to keep it out for any future adjustments. Simply type: /1hide to hide the rez box or /1show to show the rez box.
Lustre Home and Garden Furniture Designs understands your goal of having a warm and inviting home — not just a house. Whether you want to redesign your whole kitchen, livingroom, diningroom, bathroom or bedroom or just need a few key pieces, we have something for any room at “reasonable” prices. Add a new picture, rug, knick knacks, or plant to any room to give it a new updated look. Quality, Style, Selection & Service is what we strive for at Lustre Designs!

Honey Lustre
Lustre Designs
Kids Korner
Lustre Designs/Shoreman DESIGN – THiNGiEs


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