The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt With Finishing Touches

POE5 Official Poster
The wildly popular Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt has awesome hunt gifts!  You can find fabulous clothes, fashion accessories, home decor, and everything in between, including a farm!  If you are new to second life, this hunt can help you to have quality clothes, items, etc., for your inventory that you will find very useful as you grow in knowledge, ability, and style!  Gather while ye may, as this hunt will end on January 6th.  Now on to the gift!
Finishing Touches has gifted to us, for the hunt, this remarkable stylish table set.  Who do not need a intimate set to sit with a friend or a love one to talk and make good memories, especially in such a chic style!  The table has a texture changing table cloth and chair cushions.  Even the candle, with  its off/on flame, can be changed to accent your decor!  This beautiful set even has a trio of amazing  prints that compliments the style of this cafe set.  It wll add to the style of any decor.  Thank you Finishing Touches for this very chic set and adding to the grace and style of our homes!

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