The Girls of Silken-Group Gift for the Kittycats Christmas Calender From Malicia Python, Silken Moon

Snow Beauty

Snow Beauty Close Up

Santa Helper

Santa Helper Close UP

Silken Angel

Silken Angel Close Up

Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door Close Up with smile

Girl Next Door Close Up-whiskers

Beauty Pageant Contestant

Beauty Pageant Contestant Close Up

Today I have the privilege and pleasure of blogging about a most AWESOME group gift, for the Kittycats Christmas Calender from Silken Moon. Malicia Python has created a phenomenal new skin Line and in doing so also made the time to created this beautiful group gift for the Kittycats Christmas Calender.  She always been a designer who thinks of her customers first…I remember when I first found her Nevermore dress with the raven inside of the stomach area…was instantly hooked and had to gush over my favorite dress to Malicia. This week has been tough as I have spent most of it at the hospital with my mom, who had a ruptured appendix/pus bag and because of her advanced age kept her until yesterday from Monday. The hospital had the most crappy wifi too! Well shes home now and it’s not as hard to go to my parents home to care for her than to keep running and staying all day and most of the evening at the hospital.

Wait until you see what all she has given for this group gift!!!! You all are going to be as thrilled as I am!!!! You have….

A cute christmas themed exclusive for the KittyCats Christmas Calender. 3 Makeups with 3 body options each.

these are the Skins and Body Options…..
Santa Gift Shopping Abs, Santa Gift Shopping Nat and Santa Gift Shopping Cleavage.
Santa Playing in the Snow Abs, Santa Playing in the Snow Nat, and Santa Playing in the Snow Cleavage.
Xmas Party Abs, Xmas Party Nat, and Xmas Party Cleavage.

X-Mas KissesOne is from Silken Moon to you, the “you are someone special” is to pass on to someone who really deserves it.

X-Mas Smile
A prim Teeth attachment with an alpha layer to let you show that you enjoy the season.

How to get the rare Whiskers?
Just Try
(and all copyrightsof the whiskers lie with KittyCatS)

This year Silken Moon has an advent calendar, all visitors can get one gift per day until the 24th Dec. (that’s when the Germans celebrate Christmas eve). Plus we have one gift in the KittyCatS Calender, too, available from the 12th the the items will be available til 2nd of Jan.

The skins are incredible to say the least! She made many details you will definitely notice as you try them on. I was able to make so many looks from them. I am still amazed just how generous a group gift for the Kittycats Christmas Celander this is! I made such looks as the girl next door, a victoria secrets type angel, a snow beauty, a santa helper, and a beauty pageant entrant…loool I have also inlcuded a picture of the smile and whiskers.

I named the looks, the Girls of Silken. Anyone would love to find these babes under their tree…loool Thank you, Malicia, for your very generous use of your tremendous talents in the creation of this group gift for the KittyCats Calender ….I am in awe!

Happy Holidays to you all and thank you all for reading!

Photographer and model…me


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