The Eat Me Bakery Gingerbread Man Hunt

The Eat Me Bakery Gingerbread Hunt

looks both ways and whispers….pssST…..word on the street and this comes straight from the Gingerbread man….theres going to be a hunt at The Eat Me Bakery!!!!

Still whispering…. the Gingerbread Man said that the Baker in his excitement knocked a jar of pixie dust into the batch of gingerbread men and ladies he was baking! Now he has a baker’s dozen of them loose and there giving away his goodies!!!

The Eat Me Bakery has amazing and deletable creations for your everyday needs and those special occasions when only the best will do! The Bakery is celebrating their anniversary with an in-store hunt.

*starting point store name: The Eat Me Bakery
*dates hunt will run December 21-23
*cost of the hunt: Free
* what the hunt item is: A Gingerbread Man or Lady
*other important information : A bakers dozen are hidden

oh..and the Gingerbread man said to find him…if you can! Sounds like a challenge to me! Pulls her hat down and trench coat collar up, sneaks a look behind her and walks away

Photographer-Ambrose Steampunk



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