You Can Be A Singer Too With The Piano Singer By Image Essentials

Paino Singer

Paino Singer_002

Paino Singer_005_002

Paino Singer_005_003

Piano Singer

Piano Singer

Piano Singer

Piano Singer

Piano Singer

 I don’t know about you, but when I go to concerts I always wish that I could sing! Well, in second life….loool….anything possible! There is this AWESOME creation called Piano Singer by Image Essentials. Just look at how amazing the piano looks! It is in the style of a Baby Grand, such as you would find in a ultra fancy classy piano bar or some rich person home! It blends with any style of decor and gives instant class and elegance to any room! The piano has a bench with a brown seat cover and two black and white vases. You don’t have to worry about rezzing anything. When you put it out, its all there. I had sooo much fun, pretending to be a chanteuse in my own home! The man of the moment was laughing his butt off cracking up when I would change the stream at home to pretend to sing. That lasted until he got the mic and was all into being a singer himself, laughing, he even made me applaud him and tip him!!! Let me tell you, this piano has a fantastic range of animations that allows you to sit on the bar stool, on the piano bench, on the side of the piano in a sexy lean, laying on top of the piano on your side and on your stomach, lying on the piano bench…you have to try this for yourself! You touch the sides of the piano to receive a mic and wear that and then touch the side again to sit and a menu pops up with the choices available. You will have a ball at parties with your friends using this or even by yourself. Looks fantastic as furniture in your home too! Need I mention the pictures you can take with the Piano Singer as this makes a phenomenal prop too! The Piano Singer will be on sale later this week for 350 Lindens at Image Essentials. I know right, a great price for so much fun and so many uses… will have a ball with this!!!

The pictures are of some of the positions, not all..LOVE LOVE LOVE this piano

Photographer and model…me
Piano Singer by Image Essentials


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