Baboom Saphira

Baboom Saphira Front View

Baboom Saphira

Baboom Pearl Necklace Set_001

As the aging and ill silent film star drifted off to sleep…her dream took her home…her parents home. It was a grand old Victorian as proud as she. She dreamed of the many times she stood before that huge fireplace that Mama always complained smoked up the room. She was there….she could hear her mother soft voice and smell her father’s pipe. She was young and beautiful again. a smile appeared upon her face in sleep….as she was in a stunning red formal dress. The glitter of the dress hinted a shimmer of black in the finest of silk that had been ordered from Baboom…everyone who was anyone then went to Baboom! She remembered how Madame Kyra convinced her to have the fluffy Organza Puff Sleeves added to the dress. The slim line of this exquisite dress, which was worn without a corset, was shocking for her time and caused a sensation! It molded to her body like her soft kid gloves..showing her female form! The soft draping of the dress bodice exposed her décolletage and sent the old guard of society into the vapors! The dress fell into a gentle wisp of shimmering silk to her feet. She was the uncomparable..the beautiful one, as she was known. The dress made her into the star she became. She had the CZC Panttetone Yellow Diamond Earrings and Necklace from the renown Chop Zuey. Only the best would do to accessorize the divine creation she wore then.  A sigh escaped the star as she saw herself with folded arms in front of the fireplace in the Saphira Gown and that marvelous Bozzette Hat from Bliss Couture, a hat of flowers made painstakingly by hand, that went so perfectly with the remarkable dress she wore. With her last breath….and that vision of her in the famous Baboom Saphira Red Gown, she smiled for the last time.

photographer and model..me

Saphira Red Mesh Gown by Baboom

Saphira Pearl Draping Necklace and Earring Set  shown in separate picture and included with dress

CzC Panettone Earring and Choker…choker used as a bracelet by Chop Zuey
Lightstar Changeable Color Gloves
Bozzette Hat by Bliss Couture


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