Me Time

Shabby Chic Vanity and Stool_001redo

Shabby Chic Vanity and Stool_007 redo

It feels so wonderful, when I take time out from wanting to rule the world and enchant men…lool…and just have some me time! I think every lady should have a vanity in her home. I enjoy putting pretty perfume bottles, pictures, and whatnots upon it. It gives me much pleasure to sit and pamper myself. This very pretty vintage Green Shabby Chic Vanity by Persnickity allows me to do just that! The mesh vanity comes in several colors with gold hardware on the drawers and matching stool. There is plenty of top space to put your own pretties upon too, like I have. the vanity comes with 2 bottles of nail polish on top, that when you touch them gives you brushes to brush your hair with or paint your toes. How awesome is that!!!!

It will fit in any decor, does not take up a lot of space, and is only 18 prims. So be good to yourself…treat yourself and pick up this very well made vanity . its so feminine and a wonderful present for yourself….also makes an awesome gift too!

Photographer and model…me
Vintage Shabby Chic Vanity by Persnickity


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