Want Me Under Your Tree?

Fatal Holiday Corset

Fatal Holiday Corset_012 redo

Speaking in her most sexiest voice….Want me Under your Holiday Tree? Laughing…not me, smiling, the Holiday Corset from Fatal!!! Please forgive me…loool…I couldnt resist! What woman would NOT want this sexy corset set, gift wrapped, and waiting for her under the tree??? Part of the holiday releases for Fatal is this gorgeous red and white corset, white stockings, and red bra/panty set! The corset can be worn with or without the lace underwear, has a candy cane stripe that has been combined with a red poinsettia, that will put you in more than the holiday mood, if you get my drift, winking! The red holiday colored bra has the prettiest of lace inserts on the cups and sides that goes around to the back of the bra. The lace of the panty matches that of the bra. The panty is a lacy thong thats flattering to everyone’s behind and looks very inviting! If you have no one to buy this for you…heck buy it for yourself…you are worth it!!! Gentlemen/Ladies…when a lady has this to unwrap…you can imagine what YOU will get to unwrap later!

Photographer and model…me
Holiday Corset Set by Fatal
Red stockings, by Boudoir
Eavanya Hat by Bliss Couture
Red and White Boots by Bax


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