Casual Glam

Blueberry Racel Mesh acket and Nena Skinny Mesh Jeans_004When you wear jackets, you can pair them practically with anything and look good…especially when you have an excellent style of jacket to begin with such as the Black Racel Casual Mesh Jacket by Blueberry.  The jacket even though casual in form is a classic that can also be dressed up!  Look at how fantastic it is here paired with the Blueberry Black Nena Mesh Skinny Jeans, the BonBon Gizza Blouse,  Black Fox Fur-trimmed gloves and my Zs Attila Hat. Casual just went to a new level…I look amazing!!! The Jacket has a center tie with two pockets on the front, a 4 part flap collar and 2 small Silver buttons on the front where the coat ties. You can never go wrong with Blueberry Nena Skinny Mesh jeans! They match up perfectly to the jacket and wear like a second skin! Overall this look can take you many places and make you F A B U L O U S…snap snap!!!  I threw on a pair of Chops Zuey Dangle Diamond Stud Earrings and grabbed the Rouge Couture Bag by Lourdes to add some color and voilà…instant casual glam!

Photographer and model…me

Racel Casual Mesh Jacket Black
Nena Mesh Skinny Black Jeans
Bax Ankle Patent Leather Boots
Zs Attila Fur Hat
Kp Leather Gloves Fur black
Rouge Couture Bag by Lourdes
Chop Zuey Dangle Diamond Stud Earrings


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