The End Of The World Fair With ZISP

ZISP Folded Space Suit and Poster

end of the world

There are gifts for everyone tastes and budget at the End Of The World Fair! ZISP is one of those rare stores that specialized in Retro designed Spacewear for boys, girls, and Adults who are big kids at heart! ZISP Store creates Sci-fi/ Cosplay wear in the Atompunk Style of sci-fi comics of the 1950s in glorious Supertechnivision Meshwear. They have, exclusively, at the fair, ZISP Folded Space Suit. You can use it to display around your home as a curio or display item. With the Folded Space Suit you will also find a flyer for The Space Pirate.  I hung that up  as a poster in my game room as it is really cool looking and fits in with my decor.  I also show a shot of the Folded Space Suit sitting on my bar as a conversation piece as well and a picture of it on a pedestal underneath the poster. You dont have to time travel to get this really awesome design…just to the End of The World Fair, which ends on the 30th of December.

As a side note on ZISP, that I would like to mention, for their instore suits, not the Folded Suit,  ZISP is also a community investor by which a percentage of each suit proceeds will go to a charity that aids Autistic children. The charity in question will be announced in the ZISP group and blog when the sales reach a target.

So you can be assured that each suit you buy or recommend to a buddy, will also have a good effect on others in the real world.



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