The Widow

Vero Moderoo Rinaldi

She looks exquisite in black…our widow who has buried more husbands than most women have had men…lool! Our lusty widow demurely lowers her head…pretending to be a study of serenity to any who may glance upon her and her beauty. However, she’s really thinking of her new 7 digit bank balance. In her fake piety she looks like an angel in her black Vero Modero Rinaldi. As with eyes that do not appear to be seeing…she sees who watches her. Her porcelain skin peeks sweetly through the imported lace of the beautiful skirt of her dress. Her shoulders and breasts discreetly and chastely but ever so sexy covered by her black lace bolero. The man who passed her couldn’t help but to turn back and stare appreciatively at her, trying to peek beneath her black Tres Beau Hat for a look at her luscious full pink lips. The light in the cathedral only served to accentuate the beauty of her black Rinaldi Dress against her white skin. The lace so fine and sheer that you can see through it like a finely weaved spider web. She smiles ever so sweetly and looks forward to finding husband number 9. Can you resist the lure of the widow in her Vero Modero Black Rinaldi Dress?

Photographer and model…me
Rinaldi Dress by Vero Modero
N-core ultraplatform Shoes
YGTHM L Opera Hunt Hat by Tres longer available
Dangle Diamond Studs by Chop


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