Blueberry Mesh  Frensas Mesh Leather_006You ever have things you have to do, although pleasant, but don’t wanna do…even in Second Life? I have put off decorating at home for the holidays..lool Now trying to decide how I want everything to look..which means shopping!!!! The marketplace won’t do, as I love looking at how things look and seeing all the beautiful holiday decorations in person. Today has been gloriously lazy for me… purrs like a contented cat!  Up till now…didnt have any clothes on here or rl….laughing! For my shopping trip…I felt like wearing a little leather and have put on my Blueberry Frensas Mesh Brown Leather Skirt. The detailing on the skirt is wonderful! There are 2 leather soft brass tone buckle straps going across the mid section of the front of the skirt. The distressing of the leather on the skirt is so realistic…just like my real life leather! I like this  shade of brown and that the skirt is of mini length. I paired this delicious skirt with my Alafolie Donna Fur Jacket, Paper Couture Faceted Dark Garnet Necklace, and my Diktator Dare Shoes. Even in my laziness…I am a total babe in my Frensas Brown Leather Mesh Skirt!

Photographer and model…me

Blueberry Frensas Mesh Brown Leather Skirt
Alafolie Donna Fur Jacket
Paper Couter Dark Garnet Necklace
Diktator Dare Shoes


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