The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt With Vero Modero

POE5 VERO MODERO Gina Dress Redo

POE5 Official Poster

A sea maiden was swimming about her sea and came across a sunken trunk and being curious as most maidens are, opened it. inside was the prettiest garment she has ever seen or come across. Being a mermaid and the dress being for a human didn’t deter her. A label floated away from the dress…V E R O  M O D E R O Gina she sounded out aloud to no one. The dress was beautiful having being of a soft red colored skirt with white glittery effects and a yellow bodice with a deep scooped out back and decorated with red corals and yellow/red Hibiscus Flowers.  After putting on the dress, she gracefully swam about and watched how the dress swirled out behind her even hiding her tail! She spent a delightful afternoon posing and preening herself in the dress… wishing she was human.

You need not go to the depths of the sea for this lovely Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt gift! Vero Modero has designed this beautiful dress as their hunt gift for you!  All you have to do is find it!!!  There is still plenty of time to find this and all of the gifts, as this fantastic hunt does not end until January 6th.  Have fun and happy hunting!

Photographer and Model…me

POE5 Vero Modero Hunt Gift


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