End Of The World Fair With End of Daze

EOTW End of Daze Telescope_002

EOTW  End of Daze Telescope_00 1

end of the world

OMG…End of Daze has one of the BEST telescopes I have ever seen!!! You touch the telescope and you will appear to be bent over looking through it, pointing to the stars, or looking around you and nodding, for the telescope functions. if you use the sit functions…you will sit in front of the telescope with your legs drawn up towards your stomach and bent with your hands resting casually on your knees caps or be leaning against it with straight legs ahead of you. Because I am a runway model…I am VERY tall and it looks just perfect at my height too! It has a very realistic look and floor shadow. I have both sizes out so you can see for yourself which one would be best for you. These awesome telescopes are very detailed and if you choose to leave them out will work with any decor! The telescopes are elusive to the End of The World Fair and the fair will be here until the 30th. Come on over and check out all the exclusives at the fair!

Photographer and model…me

EOTW EOD Telescopes



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