The End Of The World Fair With .ANAMTOMY

EOTW .A N A T O M Y Gas Mask

end of the world

2013 the well dressed fashionista will be wearing…a gas mask! Just think about it some of the odoriferous smells that comes from your significant other! Something just does not add up and stinks….you can make your feelings known without saying a word!!! Just bring out the gas mask….laughing.

You ladies and gents who are concerned with matching your accessories, the gas mask also comes in a color changing mesh version and are resizable too!!! I am quite sure that you will be able to find many ways to sport this conversation starting look! You can’t borrow mine as I am totally HAWT in my yellow and black mask!!!    These   .A N A M T O M Y Gas Masks  are exclusive to the End Of The World Fair and hurry as the fair will come to an end on the 30th. Tries to blow you a kiss, but forgets she has the mask on.

You naughty ones who forgot to get this one or that one a gift, the fair is a phenomenal place to shop!

Photographer and Model….me

EOTW .A N A M T O M Y Gas Mask


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