The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt With Piddler’s Perch

POE5  Piddler Perch Amesbury Mesh Furniture_001

POE5 Official Poster

After your gifts have been ripped opened, the kids have trashed the house, The Peace on Earth Grid Wide Hunt still have gifts yet to be unwrapped! Unlike looking under the tree for your gifts, you must get up, drop your 6th piece of pie, and get to hunting for these awesome gifts! The Hunt runs until the 6th of January…still plenty of time to find these goodies!!!

Once again the fantastic designers at Piddler’s Perch has seen to our decor needs! They have created this gorgeous set! The furniture suite includes the Circa Bronze FreeStyle Standing Fire Place, 1 Amesbury Love Seat, 1 Amesbury Arm Chair, and 1 Mesh Floor Lamp, 1 gold and black rug, and 1 Amesbury Mesh Coffee Table. You will be very happy with these amazing pieces in your home!!! See you on the hunting trai1…happy hunting!!!!

POE5 Piddler’s Perch


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