IE Floating Away Balloon by Image Essentials

Floating Away Balloon_001

Floating Away Balloon_002

Floating Away Balloon_003

Floating Away Balloon_005

Floating Away Balloon_006

Floating Away Balloon_008

There are so many amazing things you can do in Second Life and just like real life…we like to take pictures of them!!! This really fun, cool, romantic,  flyable balloon by Image Essentials allows for some exceptional and comical shots…and tons of fun! The man of the moment is on holiday and not able to log on so I have taken the balloon out for a fly. The menu has a couples selection that has dance, joy, moment, rope lean, Corner Hug, sympatico..lool..tried those…LOVE LOVE LOVE them! The selection for girls have look out, OMG No, Helppp, lean out, and chat these were a ball! The guys menu has leaning out, petrified, chatting, oh crap, and looking around….loool  These animations are so much fun and the couple menu romantic..all of which, will give life to your pictures and much fun for the 2 of you.  Even as a single flyer…I had a lot fun! The balloon is a rainbow of bright colors with a brown weaved basket. I also like that to fly the balloon is not complicated. To start or stop, you say that in chat. You pageup/pagedown or E/C to hover up/down. You use the Arrow keys or WASD = forward, back, left, right and to get help..just say help, in chat,  to display help. You must try this balloon! Photographers, this is an excellent prop!!! You can go to the store and try the  a demo. You can purchase the IE Floating Away Balloon at the store or on marketplace for only 200 lindens. Grab your partner and this awesome balloon for an evening of fun,  romance, and great pictures!

IE Floating Away Balloon by Image Essentials


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