The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt With Martie’s Elegant Plants

  MEP Martie Elegant Plants_002

MEP Martie Elegant Plants_003

MEP Martie Elegant Plants_001

POE5 Official Poster

The Peace on Earth Grid Wide Hunt is so popular and no matter where I go, I meet hunters and they can’t say enough wonderful things about this hunt and bragging every time about their hunt finds! This hunt has everything…now I am looking for the kitchen sink…loool! Even our gardening needs have been seen to…can you believe that!!! How awesome is that!!! Your home should look as good outside as it does inside! Well…Martie’s Elegant Plants have made as their hunt gift to you, a very colorful, beautiful, and nature based grouping of flowers, several large rocks, a broken and buried clay pot, and 2 trees!!!! They are all on a base that you sink into the ground and voila you have a garden! Not only did she give us a magnificent setting, she also included 2 pillow talk pillows! One for a single and the other for a couple to lie about under the trees and among the flowers. You can modify the size of the grouping and make copies too! These items are exclusive to the hunt and the hunt is only once a year. This year’s hunt will be ending on January 6th. So get to hunting!!! Grab this while you still can! As they will not be available after the hunt! Thank you Martie for this most excellent hunt gift of nature to beatify our homes and add a smile to our faces! Who does not smile when they see pretty flowers and green leafed trees!

Photographer and model…me


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