The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt With Stonewood Interiors

Stonewood interiors Let it snow Furniture_004

POE5 Official Poster

The Peace On Earth Grid Wide Hunt has some of the best hunt gifts ever!!! I am hearing this over and over from you all that I have the pleasure to meet inworld. The hunt will be over with on January 6th, so you can still come out and get this fantastic Let it Snow Set and all the other marvelous hunt gifts!

Stonewood interiors have made a wonderful and stylish furniture suite for one of their hunt gifts. They have been very generous to say the least!!! The set comes with 1 arm chair, 1 love seat with 2 person seating, 2 end tables with 2 iced Pinecone lamps that you touch to turn on, one resizable rug, and 1 center coffee table. The Peace on Earth graphic and miniature tree are removable. This very chic set is not limited to just being used for the holidays. The coloring of the white set and the decorative lone gold or white snow flake, on the navy blue pillows, allows you to use this year round. The menu that the couch and chairs have, you will not be disappointed in! The menu for the couch has a selection for guests, cuddles, and kisses….ooh lala!!! No cheap animations used for this set….first class all the way and very smooth transitions!!! For those of you on a budget, people will think you spent a lot of money on this and you can smile and let think you are rolling in the lindens…loool

Thank you Stonewood for your very generous gifts to the hunt and I really really like this so many others who have found it does….THANK YOU!!!

Come on out now and find this phenomenal set for your home on the hunt trail. Have fun and happy hunting!!!



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