Relative Go Home!

LD Lazy Couch and Blanket Chest and Winter 2012 Window Seat

LD Furniture

LD Blanket Chest Light

LD Winter Blue Window Seat 2012

You know how unexpected guests…especally sl relatives who come for a visit and never leave…..lool I decided to make a small corner as a living space for those type of family members..lool! Comfortable and stylish to please the eye but not big enough for them to want to stay, long-term, laughing!  L’aize Dayz is a creator of excellent quality furniture that won’t empty your wallet! Their selection is awesome and extensive. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask them and they will try their best to help you or make suggestions! Customer Service is their other great priority and theirs is second to none! In my relative go home area..lool, I have the LD White and Blue Lazy Sofa. Very stylish and just the right length so that my tall relatives wont sleep on my white couch! It has Blue and White Toss pillows on either end that contains the menus with a very generous selection of poses. The animations that they use are the best and are very smooth through all the transitions. You will enjoy using them! Above the couch you see the Country Flowers Mesh Tapestry. Very colorful and pretty and will bring a light cheerfulness to any room or area you choose to hang it in. I love furniture that can do double duty! The LD Blanket Chest, Light, not only is a blanket chest…it can also do double duty as a coffee table! Have centered it just so in front of the couch and now have the perfect table for my relative go home section! The texture on the chest looks just like real wood, very realistic..great chest! Now we have the 2012 Blue Winter Window Seat.  Name me one person who does not like looking out a window…we are all voyeurs at heart! A good book…a cup of coffee, or just curled up on the seat…aww what a luxury! Well this window seat does all of that and much more, has a total of 9 pose selections! Really like the window seat! Now my relative go home section is complete. Why not come on over to L’aize Dayz and check out their fantastic furniture and make your own relative go home area!

Photographer and Model….me



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