Jenny At The Park

Blueberry Jenny Jumpsuit  Sometimes we forget being bogged down with concerns and things from our real lives and our second lives to be appreciative of what we have and are able to do! Today was a day of reflection for me not so much because it’s the last day of 2012 but because we do change, grow, and sometimes…lool..regress! So many things have happened for me this year that I am very happy for. So today its going to be a desireme day. I am going to do whatever I wish regardless of the time or the other things, I should be doing.

So I decided to go back and explore at Irish Tropical Islands and Irish Estates. They are a beautiful set of islands that are connected to the Bonair and Artisan Estates making for 60 sims of boating and flying. It is a new upper scale community which is growing and adding more water sims for recreational sports and pleasure for their residents and visitors. Irish Estates have live music events at their Newport Yacht Club, as well as the famous Sunset Jazz Club, SL’s oldest Jazz venue. With my pet monkey in tow, I went roller skating on some of the most beautiful paths! I am glad that although I am very casual…I look like I belong in this very affluent looking, beautiful sim wearing my playful and cute Blueberry Jenny Mesh Jumpsuit. It is a pretty light sky blue color with a capri length pant that tapers in a rib cuff below the knee. The strapless top is adorned by a big oversized bow that comes with a color change hud that you can select among 10 colors! The mesh jumpsuit is available in several colors and fit divinely! Why don’t you head over to Blueberry and pick this up and then come over to Irish Tropical Islands for a tour of these amazing sims!

Photographer and models…me and my pet monkey Duchesses

Blueberry Jenny Mesh Jumpsuit
Retro Mommy Roller Skates


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